Thursday, June 27, 2013

TV Guide's 60 Greatest Soap Moments

TV Guide's Michael Logan compiled a list of the 60 greatest soap moments.  See if you agree with his list here.  I would have added Marlena appearing on the Salem pier, the Steve and Kayla wedding, Frankie Frame's murder on AW, Eden's rape SB, and the Eden and Cruz wedding on Santa Barbara.

Edit:  I thought of another one, Carrie punching out Sami at the Sami/Austin wedding which became the Carrie/Austin wedding where everyone found out that Lucas was Will's father. Epic!

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  1. What about Sami framed for a murder, almost dying in death row ?! Anyway i don't really agree with most of this list..almost all Days so called 'greatest soap moments' for Days is Marlena being possessed..maybe the most outrageous and ridiculous but greatest ? I don't think so..anyway it is Logan's taste..and most of the time his tastes SUCK big not worthy to take notice frankly. I pass.
    p.s: thankfully Michael Logan never wrote a soap..shudder he did great stick to his little chronicle. Can't do much more.