Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday's "think long and hard" tweets

More soapy goodness on today's episode of Days of our Lives.  I recommend this episode.  Follow me on twitter.   Here are today's live tweets:

Kristen shoves Nicole down. Brady shows up at the rectory. He wants to apologize. Marlena slaps John, he says he deserves it.

Kate visits Gabi tells her she'll get her happy ending.

Stefano waits for news of Rafe's disMEMBERment.

EJ shows up at the hospital. Sami sees Bernardi with the knife and shoots him. Kayla checks on the dead dude. EJ asks Sami what she did.

Eric and Brady make up. Super cute scene! Nicole shoves Kristen, a woman bravely jumps between them. Hope and Abe at the coffee house.

Abe tells Hope that she is in the clear. Hope gets a call about the shooting. Kate and Gabi show up at Rafe's room.

Marlena tells John she was proven right about Kristen's motives. She rips on John for forgiving Kristen.

Marlena tells John she was right not to trust him in the first place when she withheld info about Bristen.

Brady and Eric have such cute sibling chemistry. Nicole talks about Brady's package with Kristen. Tells Kristen he'll never go back to her

! Between Kristen and Nicole.

John tells Marlena he's sorry. She tells him that he is worse than Kristen. She's done.

Gabi asks Kate who would try to kill Rafe. Kate tells her she gave Sami the gun. Kate tells Hope and Abe what happened.

Sami is hyperventilating. EJ asks her what happened. She says she had to protect Rafe.

Eric is refusing to give up on the school. Nicole rips out Kristen's hair. Brady breaks it up. Hope asks for Bernardi's weapon.

The security guard is eavesdropping on Ejami. Hope and Abe want to question Sami. Stefano hears the bad news. He's not happy.

Abe tells EJ to not go into his spiel about the DiMeras being aggrieved and Hope and Abe being inept. lmfao.

I guess Bernardi is still alive. Kate asks Maxine to babysit Gabi. Kate leaves to take care of something.

Maxine is an awesome surrogate mom for Gabi. Arianna wakes up. Sami tells Hope what happened. EJ tries to stop Sami from talking.

Marlena, John, and Eric watch Kristen, Brady, and Nicole. Brady tells Kristen that he hates her. She insists she loves him.

Kristen leaves. Brady asks Nicole if she's ok. Brady leaves when he sees John. Nicole hugs him before he goes.

Sami tells Hope about the gun. Sami says she did register the gun. Abe tells Hope that the victim was Bernardi.

Stefano welcomes Kate in. She's mad that he knew she was coming. EJ tells Hope that obviously Bernardi was a dirty cop.

Sami lies on how she knows Bernardi. Abe tells Ejami that they are not going anywhere.

Nicole asks Eric if she should call Brady. Eric asks how involved does she plan on getting with Brady. Nicole leaves.

Brady agrees to talk to John while Marlena chases down Kristen.

Kate tells Stefano if he ever thinks about killing Rafe again to think "long and hard." That's why Stefano wanted to "cut it off." lol

Abe tells everyone that Bernardi was unarmed.

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  1. Nicole was so smug in her confrontation with Kristen..ugh..
    Otherwise great acting from ED (her sad almost in tears facial expression face to Brady at the square were awesome, she literally stole all this scene) but also from DH (although she had good material compare to DH who the writers really screwed his character over in this storyline..boo Tomlin..boo..) and AS (loved her reaction to her big mistake..aka cop's murder). I am quite interested in this new Sami storyline although it still have to be about dull Rafe (the bad part on it..) and i quite like Bernardi..i will miss him but could be interesting to see Sami in jail, would like to see her evolve in a more calm scheming mastermind and less in an impulsive, over-reacting fruit case..