Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday's "that was so long ago" tweets

Due to an incoming thunderstorm, I missed small portions of Days of our Lives today.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's tweets:

Nicole finds Eric in a bad condition. Hotel clerk stops Kristen. Chad admits he wants to be more than friends with Abby.

Wilson and Gabi find out rather quickly that Ari is the one in charge. Nick drops by. Jenn shows up at Daniel's who is shirtless.

Dan was just fantasizing, he's actually at work. Jenn's at work too. Marlena shows up at the rectory looking for Eric.

Marlena says outloud that she hopes Eric finds some time to relax. Yeah, Kristen took care of that already.

Nick bought a black and white mobile for the baby. The mobile calmed the baby down. Nick wants to talk to Will.

Chad tells Abby that Cameron is not the right guy for her. Security wants to know what is in Kristen's bag. Eric has a fever.

Windy day today. Dish is having a hard time.

Jenn shows Daniel the card he was going to give her. Jenn tells Daniel that she wants him to trust her to handle JJ.

Nick wants to apologize to Will again. Will's sorry about what happened to Nick in prison. Gabi asks if everything is ok.

Chad tells Abby that he can't get her out of his head. Eric calls out for Nicole. George wants Kristen arrested for not paying.

Kristen gets arrested and accused of being a hooker. Nicole can't find her cell, the hotel phone still isn't working. She leaves.

The female employee stands up for Kristen, who leaves. Nicole shows up at the lobby. Dan tells Jenn she has blinders on about JJ.

Marlena breaks up a Dannifer fight. Jenn leaves. Nabi leave together. Wilson kiss. Abby is shocked by Chad's confession.

Chabby discuss her virginity. She leaves. Nicole, George and security are in Eric's room. Security is going to get an ambulance.

Chad drops by Wilson's to talk about Abby. Jenn's back home after working for less than a minute. Abby comes home.

Abby tells Jenn that she (Abby) is a screw up. Nick tells Gabi she looks great. Gabi tells Nick that they are strangers.

Marlena tells Daniel that Eric is out of town. I don't get why Eric has to talk to the governor about work permits. Nic calls Dan.

Nicole tells Daniel that she's in the ambulance with Eric, and she wants him to treat him. Kristen is back at the DiMansion.

Chad tells Wilson he wants Abby back. Jenn tells Abby she was a virgin at her age. Abby says "that was so long ago."

Jenn tells Abby that Chad is bad news. Kristen watches her rape of Eric on video. Kristen asks Harold to answer the door. Good luck.

The Dr shows up to ask Kristen if the drugs worked. Eric shows up at the hospital. Roman is at the hospital.

Marlena asks Nicole why she was in Eric's hotel room.

Well, we have a thunderstorm watch. I'm missing Nabi right now.

Nick tells Gabi that Wilson are better men than him. She leaves. Abby feels close to Cameron...sometimes. Abby goes to her room.

Chad leaves. Wilson start making out on the couch. Nic tells RoMarlena why she went to his hotel room. Dan doesn't think Eric has a virus

Gabi interrupts the Wilson makeout session. Gabi leaves to take a nap. The Dr wants to tell Kristen about the drug side effects.

Daniel tells RoMarlena that Eric is improving. Dan wants Nicole to tell him what happened to Eric.

Dr tells Kristen that Eric won't remember. Dan tells Nicole that he thinks Eric was poisoned. Lost my signal.

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