Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday's "someone else can get him hot" tweets

Other than the Kate/Sami fight, the rest of Days of our Lives was a total snooze.  I missed the first few minutes.  Follow me on twitter.

Just got online, Sami congratulates EJ for stealing from Kate. Sami figures out it was on Nick's flashdrive. Of course, this turns them on

Chad drops by DiMansion to see Kristen. Stefano tells Chad she'll be fine. He wants to know what is in the box.

Abby explains 2 Cameron why she didn't tell him earlier about the amusement park tickets.

Cameron asks why Chad encouraged him to ask Abby out when he knew he was going out with her. Abby thinks Chad forgot.

Will and Gabi talking at the hospital. JJ asks Maggie to not to Jenn that he picked out brochures to volunteer.

Maggie meets Rory, JJ's friend. JJ schmoozes Maggie by saying she looks great and marriage agrees with her.

Maggie tells JJ that she feels sorry about his dad. But not sorry enough when she tried to fix up Dannifer on Jack's funeral day.

I'm glad now that I missed the first 7 minutes of the show. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jenn thinks Anne vandalized Daniel's car. Daniel thinks JJ did it, but doesn't say it out loud. He wants to let it go.

Maggie tells JJ how awesome Daniel is. JJ refers to Abby, Jenn and himself as Maggie's "real" family and not Daniel.

Chad tells Stefano that Kate made him happy. Gabi's pajamas are cute. She tells Will that Nick told her everything.

Kate shows up in Will's room. Stefano is stewing over Kate's devotion to Rafe.

Maggie wants JJ to get a fresh start. They hug it out. Maxine brings in the baby. The baby starts crying. Gabi takes her.

Kate leaves. The baby is still fussy. Chad pops in asking that they named the baby after his daughter.

I'm glad it was finally brought up that Grace was Chad's baby, and not Rafe's.

Maggie gets Abby out of the room when Jenn shows up. Jenn wants to know why JJ didn't give Daniel the money she lent him.

JJ blames Jenn for not giving him enough money in the first place. Why is she taking this shit from him?

Gabi shows Chad how to hold the baby. Chad tells them a girl at the coffee house reminded him of Grace.

Maxine takes the baby for tests. Chad tells Will not to get shot again. Sami asks Cameron about Rafe's condition.

Sami tells Kate that when Rafe wakes up, he will contradict all she said about their relationship. Stefano calls for a meeting.

Cameron accuses Chad of playing games with him. Daniel and Parker at his place, JJ hands him the $. Daniel wants to talk.

Jenn wants Abby to stay and help her pick out an outfit. Daniel wants JJ and himself to respect each other. JJ sort of agrees.

Daniel puts Parker down for a nap. JJ picks up Daniel's tennis racket. EJ eavesdrops on Kate and Sami. Kate tells Sami she's jealous.

Will asks Gabi if she's not in love with Nick anymore. She wonders how to be in love with someone you don't know who they are.

Maggie tells Jenn that she saw JJ at the hospital parking lot. Daniel won't let JJ borrow his racket.

Kate tells Sami that she can't handle the fact that "someone else can get him hot." Kate tells Sami that Rafe said she's "underwhelming."

Stefano tells Bernardi to "cut it off" in reference to Rafe. Yeah, my mind is in the gutter.

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