Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday's "keep doing it" tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives was pretty decent. It seems like Days lately adds a new revelation a day.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Daniel says he is not bringing Rafe out of his coma today. EJ tells Sami, Marlena, and Abe that Justin will represent Sami.

Chad figures out Bernardi is the same guy Sami killed & previously fought with. Brady gets a call while in bed with Nicole from Eric.

Eric is at the K-Mansion door. Kristen tells the dude that she is going to proceed with some vials.

Daniel decides to not wake up Rafe because of all the drama going on. If that's the reason, then Daniel will never wake him up.

Marlena tells EJ that she blames Stefano for Sami's mess. Bricole gets dressed. They decide to keep it from Eric.

Nicole can't find her purse. Eric asks what Brady was doing.

Nicole prays that Eric does not see her purse. Eric wants Brady to help with the school. Nic tries to sneak to get her purse.

Cabby discuss his Sami clip. Roman asks Sami about being choked out. Hope tells Sami she didn't find the knife.

Sami says she would never shot an unarmed man. Say what? She shot a passed out EJ in the head.

Marlena tells EJ that Stefano sent Bernardi to kill Rafe because of Rafe's affair with Kate.

Abby wants Chad to take the clip to the police. Chad wants to show it to EJ. Abby agrees to stay quiet about it.

Roman tries to figure out who got into Rafe's room. Abe tells Roman he is no longer commissioner. Kristen pays off the doctor.

Abby wants to go with Chad to talk to EJ. EJ shows up at the DiMansion to find Stefano. Kristen says he left to town.

EJ tells Kristen that Rafe is not a threat to him. The mayor ordered Roman out as commish. Hope will be monitored.

Abe is replacing Roman. smh Eric spies Nicole's purse.

Brady claims Nicole left her purse there. Nicole rings the doorbell claiming she forgot her purse. Eric wants 2 meet w/ her at the rectory.

Brady finds Nicole's bracelet in the couch. Daniel shows up at the K-Mansion. Hope coaches Sami on how to describe the shooting.

Kristen says Marlena losing her husband and her daughter is in jail, "a start." EJ wants her to back off Marlena.

Chad tells Abby he trusts her more than anyone. Eric apologizes to Nicole for things he said.

Eric praises Nicole for helping Brady's mood. Eric tells Nic whatever she did to Brady, keep doing it.

Daniel asks Brady about what happened to the wedding. Marlena hypnotizes Sami to recall what happened during the shooting.

Sami tells Marlena that Bernardi doesn't have a knife. EJ meets with Cabby. EJ watches the clip.

Abby accuses EJ of being rude to Chad. Cabby aren't buying what EJ is selling. Sami says Bernardi was holding something.

Sami tells Roman, Marlena, and Hope that Bernardi had a razor. EJ wants to keep Chad's phone and for Cabby to keep their mouths shut.

Kristen's latest prey will be Eric. Eric prepares to leave to save the new school. Daniel hears the whole Bristen story.

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