Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday's "until the day you die" tweets

On today's Days of our Lives, Nicole preforms a miracle, Eric doesn't remember, Kristen taunts Marlena, Anne taunts Dan, and JJ gets arrested.  So not much really. lol Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's tweets:

Flashback of Kristen's rape of Eric. Eric and Kristen stare at each other. Rory, JJ and friends were shoplifting.

Marlena asks Caroline 4 some soup. Marlena gets a call from Roman about Eric being released. Eric says he knows why Kristen is there.

Cameron shows up at Jenn's. Jenn tells Cameron that JJ took his script pad. Abby comes home. JJ was supposed to apologize. Cam leaves.

JJ's new friends try to destroy the Horton tree at the Square. Dan has some test results. Eric doesn't want to hear Kristen's crap.

Eric doesn't remember what happened. He thinks she's there to stick it to Marlena. Marlena tells Caroline that John is out of town.

Abby leaves to see Cameron. Jenn texts JJ. Cole destroys a limb on the tree then spills his drink on the plaque. JJ punches him.

Jenn rereads Daniel's note. The cops break up the fight. The cops find the stolen items. The shopkeeper says she'll press charges.

Nicole calls the state of the Dept of Education head who is giving Eric a hard time about the school. He agrees to approve the school.

Daniel comes into Eric's room. Eric says something is wrong.

Eric apologizes to Kristen for being irritable. JJ is at the police station. Jenn gets a call and leaves. Cam meets Abby.

Dan tells Eric all his test results were negative.Dan wants 2 run more tests but he needs Eric's consent. He might want 2 check 4 STDs

Abby says Chad is just a friend. Cameron thinks she's leading Chad on. Jenn is at the SPD. JJ tells about the tree & plaque only.

Bricole tell Eric the new school is approved. Nicole should work for Titan TV instead of the church. Roman is there to get Eric.

Eric isn't interested in doing any more tests. Kristen taunts Marlena and Caroline about Sami's case.

Kristen tells Marlena how intertwined their families are "until the day you die."

Daniel tells Brady that Kristen was there. Anne finds out that JJ got arrested. JJ throws Cole under the bus.Jenn demands JJ's release.

Abby tells Cameron that her being conflicted isn't about him. Cam wants her to figure out what she wants.

Ericole, RoMarlena and Caroline celebrating at the church. Caroline says Kristen, "goes everywhere she is not wanted."

The Dr tells Kristen that Eric won't remember.

Kristen rewatches the clip of her and Eric. She's editing it. Anne rubs it in Daniel's face about JJ's arrest.

Brady wonders why Kristen was at the hospital. Then he decides not to worry about her. The Bishop is happy with Eric.

Eric says "God works in mysterious ways" not knowing Nicole got the school approved.

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