Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday's "spiteful bitch" tweets

Days of our Lives would be so much better without this coma inducing Dannifer/JJ storyline.  Other than that, the show was pretty decent today.  We got a Vargas sighting!  Follow me on twitter.    Here are today's live tweets:

Eric asks Kristen if he can help her at the hotel. Kate calls Nick "an idiot." Maggie gets to keep Parker overnight.

JJ is thrilled that he stole painkillers from Cameron. Jenn comes home while JJ and Rory clean up. Bricole hook up again.

Brady dreams of Kristen. Nicole asks if he's ok. The hotel clerk says Kristen is "high strung." lol Eric wants to know her name.

Maggie pries info from Daniel about Dannifer. She asks if JJ is the problem. Jenn tells Rory to go outside so she can talk to JJ.

Jenn tells JJ he's hiding something. He agrees. Brady wants to leave Salem. Nicole wants food. Eric asks if he knows Kristen.

Kate tells Nick that his safeguards suck. She tells him EJami stole his formula. He's fired.

Daniel tells Maggie that stuff started happening when JJ came home. Maggie told him she saw JJ at the parking garage.

JJ tells Jenn that Abby is the one who is frantic. Kristen leaves without Eric recognizing her. Eric wants to use the hotel phone.

Brady wants to take a vacation with Nicole. Nicole is interested. Kristen gets a room with a new hotel employee.

Nick tries to argue he needs the job to provide for his family. Kate says she'll take care of them. Nick calls her a "spiteful bitch."

Did Maggie just say that JJ is "a baby"? What?

Maggie tells Daniel to get things settled between him JJ and Jenn. Nic wants to know if they are "friends w benefits." Brady agrees.

Kristen sneaks into Eric's room. Nick opens up his last check. He calls someone. JJ sells drugs to some kids.

Nicole hears Daniel writing a letter to Jenn. He should just buy a bulk amount of "I'm sorry" cards if he stays with her.

Jenn drops by to talk to Brady. They hug. Jenn tells him Kristen really did love him. Eric undresses in his room. Kristen hiding.

JJ leaves a message for Cameron. He's planning on more stealing. Hospitals do inventories, duh.

Parker, Maggie, and Kate at the coffeehouse. Kate tells Maggie that she's in denial about Nick. Kate says he's fired.

! Nick meets Vargas at the rectory. Nick wants to work with Vargas on a new venture. Nic tells Daniel she's leaving w Brady.

Daniel warns Nicole about her rebound relationship with Brady. Brady is not buying Jenn's story. Brady says Kristen hurt him.

Oh my, Father Whattawaste in a towel. Kristen shoots him with a tranquilizer gun. Take off the towel, girl.

Nick wants Vargas to line up investors. Vargas tells Nick to win back his wife. Awww

JJ is having a hard time getting to the drugs. Nicole's almost brunette hair is not working for me.

Jenn tells Brady what Kristen felt for him was real, not everything was a lie. Kristen puts Eric's head in her lap.

Dear Kristen,
 The drugs you gave Eric may be untraceable, but the injection wound is very visible.
 Love, Diva

Maggie shows up at the K-Mansion with Parker, runs into Jenn. JJ is busted by Daniel for stealing perscription paper.

Kristen prepares a syringe. Brady flashes back 2 Kristen insisting she loves him. I hope Nicole is prepared 2 be thrown under the bus.

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