Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday's "Parker is a monkey" tweets

Other than the Dannifer/JJ stuff, pretty good episode of Days of our Lives today.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's tweets:

Roman tells Mrs. Bernardi that her husband is dead. Abby shows up at Daniel's. Abby apologizes. Daniel says it wasn't her fault.

Jenn tells JJ she's concerned about him. Sonny tells Will that he put a deposit on an apartment w 2 bedrooms for Gabi and the baby.

Gabi tells Wilson that Bernardi died. Marlena talks with Kate at the hospital. Kate tells Marlena what Sami did.

Jenn asks JJ if he trashed Daniel's car. Mrs. Bernardi asks Sami how she knew her husband. EJ tries to get Sami out of there.

Mrs. Bernardi won't let anyone leave until they tell her what happened.

Abby thinks JJ stayed at boarding school because he felt safe there, that Daniel makes him feel unsafe. JJ blames Dan 4 being accused.

Maxine offers Timmy Bernardi frozen yogurt. Sami tells her she shot her husband.

Basically Abby tells Daniel that JJ is lashing out at him because he's missing Jack. She leaves. JJ denies trashing Daniel's car.

JJ tells Jenn that Jack never doubted him. Sonny asks Gabi to move in with them. Sami tells Mrs. Bernardi she's sorry.

Sami tells Mrs. Bernardi that she had to shot him to save Rafe. Mrs. Bernardi tells her to "shut up" then slaps her.

Mrs. Bernardi calls Sami a "copkiller" and that she would pay. Marlena comforts Sami. Will tries to get an answer from Gabi.

EJ calls Justin and tells him to speed things up against Stefano. Kate taunts EJ about Sami. Kate says it was a hit from Stefano. 

Rory tells JJ, "it is not your fault that Parker is a monkey." JJ doesn't think he can get more $ from Jenn. Rory will sell weed.

JJ is not happy Abby apologized to Daniel. Jenn shows up at Daniel's to apologize for herself and JJ. She tells him JJ denied trashing car

Daniel doesn't believe JJ didn't trash his car. Jenn doesn't look happy.

Crap. Just lost my signal.

Sami thinks she'll end up on death row again. Marlena tells her Roman and EJ will protect her. EJ defends Stefano to Kate.

Kate taunts EJ that Sami killed a man 2 protect Rafe. JJ says he'll apologize 2 Daniel tomorrow. JJ asks if Dan said something about his car

Jenn defends JJ when Daniel says he thinks JJ trashed his car. He didn't tell her before b/ he loves her. EJ tells Kate 2 go away.

Marge Bernardi asks Hope to make sure Sami doesn't get away with it. No one can find the knife. Kate comes to Will's room.

Gabi tells Kate she's moving in w Wilson. Kate seems happy. Jenn accuses Daniel of thinking she's a bad mom.

Abby asks JJ what is wrong with him. Sami gets arrested.

*rolls eyes* JJ says to himself that he is doing the right thing, but won't get caught the next time he does something to Daniel.

Jenn walks out of Daniel's place crying. Like that's never happened before.

Kate and the entire hospital watch Hope reading Sami her rights. Sami gets handcuffed and led out of the hospital.


  1. Good episode. Kate is such a bitch : i don't get her bitching and taunting to Ej about Sami..she should be grateful Sami saved Rafe's know maybe the most important thing in Kate's life right now.. and what a poor Sami is in poor Theon Sami was not here to save him...
    Jen and Abby are so gullible with JJ..what a little manipulator..that being said i like him (and the actor who plays him) but he is really a little bitch..not sure Jack who had no problem with a Jennifer moving on first with a Frankie then with Daniel would be proud..not

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