Friday, June 28, 2013

"The Bay" stars to appear on TVGN

Our Marianne with Kristos Andrews

For the latest updates on THE BAY, tune in to the TV Guide Network (TVGN) for this week’s Planet 360. Hosts Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo get the latest scoop from THE BAY’s creator Gregori J. Martin and producer Kristos Andrews (Peter Garrett) on what to expect for Season 3 of THE BAY. Check local cable listings, DISH and Direct TV for this week’s Planet 360, the new entertainment connection, and plan to see some of your BAY favorites on television this Friday, June 28th at 3am ET / 12am PT on TVGN.
Current and past segments of THE BAY can be viewed at here.


  1. Has The Bay started filming yet? I watch it for Mary Beth, Matt, Charlie, Lily, and Taylor. Oh, and I love Jed Allan and Lane Davies, too.

    1. I am assuming they did film since they are promoting it. Just a guess on my part.