Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday's "Three's Company with a Baby" tweets

I constantly got interrupted while live tweeting during today's Days of our Lives.  Sorry if I missed a few moments of the show.  Follow me on Twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

I'm a little late, Kate talks to Gabi. Will wants to come clean. Nicole walks into the wrong room. Housekeeping interrupts Keric.

Abe is at the hospital to talk to Will.

Abby asks why Chad is so concerned about keeping Sami's secret. Kate tells Gabi she fired Nick. Gabi tells Kate she cares for Nick.

Abe questions Wilson alone. Sami is afraid Will will spill the beans. Eric grabs Kristen.

Kate tells Gabi to not feel guilty about Nick. She tells her that Nick is responsible for EJami getting the formula.

Kate tells Gabi she went through one dysfunctional relationship to another, she doesn't want Gabi doing the same.

Chad tells Abby he should have kept his mouth shut at the wedding. She disagrees. Abby thinks of Cameron.

Cameron sees Abby stroking Chad's face. Wilson tell Ejami that Will kept his mouth shut. Will wants to talk to EJ alone.

Will asks EJ if he's willing to protect Stefano at Sami's expense. Nicole is still looking for Eric.

Damn, Eric is bossy in bed.

Abby stops Cameron before he leaves. Sami tells Sonny they will get along better if they don't discuss Adrienne's insults of her.

Gabi and Sonny leave to change a diaper. Looks like we are headed for a Sami/Kate smackdown. EJ denies trying to protect Stefano.

Eric asks Kristen, "what just happened?"

Chad leaves Cabby alone. Cam says Abby is seeing 2 guys to avoid sex. Gabi and Sonny don't have a clue on changing a diaper.

Gabi refers to her living arrangments as "Three's Company with a Baby." Yep.

Sami tells Kate to "go to Hell." Kate accuses her of changing her story, razor/knife. Kate vows to protect Will and the baby.

Sami tells Katherine she is to blame for what happened. Eric passes out. Kristen of course, recorded the whole thing.

Cameron leaves, Chad returns. Kate feels awful about Rafe getting hurt. Sami tells Kate that she is human. lol

Wilson & Gabi finally take the baby home. Ejami head home. Kate thinks Sami in prison will do her good.

Kristen puts her disguise back on and leaves Eric.

Cameron asks Abe if he can spend more time with Theo. Cameron won't tell Abe what is bothering him. Chad gives Abby a stuffed animal.

Wilson and Gabi are home. EJ has a candlelight dinner waiting for Sami. He tells her to stop worrying. Sami gets served.

Sami gets summoned to appear in front of a grand jury the next day. Nicole finally finds Eric's room. Eric knocks over a lamp.

Nicole breaks into his room. She's upset about the condition he's in. Kristen gets stopped by a hotel employee before she can leave.

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