Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday's "I'm not a loser, I'm just a realist" tweets

Pretty good episode of Days of our Lives today with a nice little cliffhanger at the end.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's tweets:

Bricole start going at it on the K-couch. Kristen gets a visitor. He has a small package for Kristen. lol

Marlena thanks Jenn for not throwing Sami under the bus during her press conference. Sonny tells Adrienne that Gabi is moving in.

EJ talks to Justin about Sami. Sami gets knocked out in jail. Abby sees EJustin. Kristen weighs her options.

Nicole wants to stop, Brady keeps going. She gives in.

Sonny tries to talk Adrienne into thinking that Gabi moving in is a good idea Adrienne doesn't want Sonny tied down.

Abby realizes Chad doesn't know what happened. Marlena corrects Jenn that the Bristen wedding is off forever.

Jenn shows up at the D-Mansion. Bricole have sex in an actual bed. Waiting to hear Nicole scream out Eric or Vargas's name.

Abby fills in Chad on Sami's arrest. Sonny is not happy with Adrienne telling him to walk away from Will. She's mad at Sami.

Marlena overhears Sonny and Adrienne's argument. EJ asks Abe about the knife. Sami is brought in after being found on the floor.

Bricole finish. They seem pretty pleased with themselves. Kristen tells Jenn she wasn't meant to have a man like Brady.

Kristen tells Jenn that Marlena broke up the wedding. They disagree on whether Marlena is vindictive.

Marlena rips into Adrienne after Sonny leaves. Abby tells Sonny that Justin is Sami's lawyer. Justin denies it, Sonny asks him 2 do it

Sami was choked/knocked out. EJ promises to get Sami a lawyer. Sami's afraid she'll be killed in jail.

EJ tells Sami that Stefano was just trying to send them a message. The cameras were disabled around Sami's cell.

Adrienne tells Marlena that Sonny deserves better. Marlena says Will is the best thing to happen to Sonny.

Chad finds EJ at the Square. Bricole kiss. Jenn tells Kristen to stop obsessing about Marlena. Kristen says she will be ok.

Adrienne tells Marlena that Will is the one on the gravy train. Adrienne brings up Marlena's marriage problems. Oh no she didn't!

Kristen gives Jenn her necklace back. Kristen says, "I'm not a loser, I'm just a realist." lol

Nicole says, "no regrets." Brady says, "1."

Sonny wants Justin to defend Sami. Adrienne is not happy. Chad asks why EJ won't defend Sami. He says he has the wrong last name.

Adrienne wants Justin to not defend Sami. Abe basically says Sami was set up.

Jenn leaves. The dude comes back to Kristen to ask if she wants to proceed. Justin agrees to represent Sami. Adrienne is not happy.

Sami tells Abe to investigate Bernardi. Marlena joins them. Chad watches the video he has of Sami and Bernardi fighting.

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