Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday's "Go all Thorn Birds" tweets

Today's episode of "Days of our Lives" started off a bit slow, but had a strong finish.  Follow me on twitter.  If you watched last night's New Jersey Social of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" premiere, you would have seen my tweet about #rhonj appeared near the end of the show! Anyway, here are today's tweets:

Kristen calls Brady. Sami overhears. Sami starts gloating. Nicole tries to get Brady out of the mansion. Daniel threatens JJ.

John wants to know if Eric talked to Brady and Marlena. Now, John all of a sudden cares about Marlena.

Bernardi is in Rafe's hospital room with a knife. He pulls down Rafe's sheet, then he hears Gabi coming.
Nicole plans to distract Brady from thinking about Kristen. Kristen predicts that Sami will screw up, and EJ will throw her out.

Jenn comes running in while Daniel yells at JJ and is grabbing his shirt with both hands.

Gabi leaves. Maxine is going 2 check Rafe's vitals. Kristen calls Sami "a little slut" & a "grandma."

Kristen yells "like Hell" when Sami says that Brady is going to move on to another woman. John leaves without talking to Eric about Marlena

Sami's at the hospital with Gabi. Brady gives in to letting Nicole distract him. John joins Marlena at the Pub after she texted him.

Marlena wants to know from John what happened with Kristen. Kristen shows up at the rectory to annoy Eric about Brady.

Jenn yells at JJ for not paying attention to Parker. Abby tries to take the blame for him. Abby and JJ leave.

Doesn't something always happen when Dannifer are about ready to go out for the night?

Jenn tells Dan that JJ would never purposefully put Parker in danger. Abby lectures JJ at home. JJ is sick of hearing of Daniel.

Bricole discuss their bowling match. Brady stinks at bowling. lol

John tells Marlena the truth. John is still justifying his plan to seduce Kristen. He claims to love Marlena.

Eric refuses to listen to Kristen's confession. Kristen tells him she doesn't want to be responsible for causing Father Matt's heart attack

Eric tries to kick out Kristen.

Gabi tells Sami that Nick told her everything and they broke up. Sami offers to find Gabi a place to live. Bernardi updates Stefano.

Talking to Stefano on the phone near the nurses station and Rafe's hospital room probably isn't the smartest thing to do.

Daniel tell to Jenn that JJ is acting out. He says JJ trashed his car. Jenn defends JJ even though she knows he was at the scene.

Daniel asks Jenn if she is really sure JJ didn't trash his car. She leaves. Marlena tells John she knew he wouldn't betray her.

Marlena questions whether John still has feelings for Kristen. Brady finally gets his cell back after not missing it at all.

Brady leaves. Kristen sneaks up behind Nicole and put a death grip on her shoulder.

Sami apologizes to Rafe for him being in the hospital. Maxine overhears Sami. Jenn wants to talk to JJ alone.

JJ apologizes. Brady shows up at Daniel's. They start talking about Kristen. Kristen accuses Nicole of making a move on Brady.

Kristen says to Nicole, "what's the matter Nic? Priest wouldn't put out for ya?"

John doesn't answer Marlena's question if he has feelings for Kristen.

JJ tells Jenn he loves her so much. Brady leaves Daniel's. Kristen tells Nicole that she wanted to "go all Thorn Birds" on Eric.

Nicole taunts Kristen, and Kristen pushes her down on her back.

John admits his feelings for Kristen made him go through with his plan. Marlena slaps him. Good for her.

Bernardi gets shot in Rafe's hospital room by Sami.

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