Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday's adoption card tweets

Great scenes today with Hope and Sami on Days of our Lives.  Follow me here on twitter.  Here are my live tweets:

Brady tells Kristen he doesn't want to see her anymore. Sami tells EJ that Brady isn't returning her calls.

EJ asks Sami to stay away from Kristen. They agree to meet up at the hospital. Chad gives Cameron his coffee.

Cameron tells Chad not 2 schedule Abby 4 the next night because he's asking her out. Kate drops by the coffee house to talk to Chad.

Stefano is at Rafe's bedside. Where's security? Sami thanks Hope for rescuing Will and the gang. Sami wants Kristen to pay.

Kristen tells Brady that she loves him. "Marry me," she says.

Oh wow. Hit 40k tweets.

Kristen tells Brady that love is more powerful than hate. Abby tells Cameron she has plans that night.

EJ meets Justin at Salem's only bench. Sami rails on Hope about how Jensen got a "get out of jail free" card.

Abby realized the other day that JJ talks like his dad. Kate updates Chad on Rafe. Kate leaves, Abby walks in.

Abby asks Chad why he didn't mention to Cameron that they were going out that night. Hope fesses up to Sami about Jensen.

Sami wants 2 know why Hope didn't do her job. Justin reminds EJ that Stefano is his father. Justin points out that Kristen is adopted.

EJ tells Justin that fathers should be a hero every day, like Will. Kristen tells Brady that he saved her. Brady is not buying it.

Kristen is quoting Corinthians to Brady. He's a bit shocked. Chabby agree to go out tomorrow. Chad figures out Abby didn't tell Cam.

Hope fesses up to Sami that the prisoner release letter was misplaced in her office. Sami threatens to ask Roman what happened.

Hope tells Sami that Ciara did it. Justin warns EJ he will be in the fight for his life with Stefano. Stefano thug tells him Kate arrived.

Kate asks Cameron where Rafe's guard is.

Abby admits she didn't tell Cameron. She leaves. Because Jensen is dead, the guard was dismissed. Cameron and Kate check on Rafe.

Stefano messed with Rafe's machines. He overhears Cameron saying Rafe is improving. Sami is not happy with what Ciara did.

Hope reminds Sami that Sami was in the room with Ciara. Then Sami left her alone. Sami says Hope is blaming her for Will getting shot.

Brady wants Kristen gone. She takes out the adoption papers. She's using the adoption card on him for a child they never applied for.

Brady gets emotional with Kristen. Hope tells Sami that it is not her fault. Sami throws the cop under the bus who left the letter.

Hope recalls Zach's death and who she blamed. She also blamed herself. Hope says she let down Ciara. Hope & Sami hug it out.

Cameron says tomorrow they will take Rafe out of his coma. Stefano is still eavesdropping.

Hope leaves a message to Bo. It is well beyond the time for Hope to be able to move on from Bo.

Stefano is back at the DiMansion. He's playing with a blade. Kate talks to Rafe about the baby. Kate gets a call.

Ejami kissing in the hospital elevator. Sami asks EJ what he wants Arianna to call him. Kate stops them from leaving.

Brady says that Kristen would use the baby against him, and throws her out.

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