Thursday, June 13, 2013

Interesting tweet by Galen Gering

Guess I'm not gettin a storyline on Days anytime soon...hmmmmm

Hmmmmm...indeed.  What is going on with Rafe/Galen?


  1. He is trolling (maybe his sense of humor..): we already know he has a storyline with Kate and a new character played by an actress from AMC in august..

    1. He is hot but the character he plays is sooooo boringgggg!!!! Yawn, yawn, yawn.... Rafe is an irritating goody two shoes....ugh....It wouldn't surprise me to hear that Rafe is taking a job with the ISA in Switzerland...If the powers that be decide to keep this character on the canvas, then he needs to drawn slightly more complex, less goody-goody and more macho...No one is as perfect as San Rafael and so it would behoove the writers to make him slightly mysterious and more complex...

  2. It's just not moving fast enough for him. He's spoiled.

  3. I agree with the above post

  4. All... Galen/Rafe fans want you out of the
    coma and back in DOOLS storyline like you are suppose to be. Right now, you need to be with your sister and niece. All your fans really, really miss you. I still think Sami and you are the greatest couple along with other Safe fans!:)
    Hang in there and don't give up!!!
    (the above comments sound good,also)

  5. Galen is the best thing on the show. Love him.

  6. Galen is the best thing on the show. He and Ali created the most beautiful couple ever. Love him.