Saturday, June 8, 2013

Interesting tweet by Drake Hogestyn

Drake Hogestyn (John Black) posted this tweet last night:

Since my last show for DAYS was taped on March 18th. I was shocked to hear of Fran Bascom and Paul Skippers demise. R.I.P. my friends

You can see the tweet here.

Do you think Drake has been let go, or is Days of our Lives just not writing for Drake now?


  1. It's hard to know when they tape 4 months in advance.

  2. Well, They have screwed his character,, But it would be a HUGE Mistake.. I thought he was on his required time off.

  3. Who is Fran Bascom & Paul Skippers? Who is he referring to?....

  4. Thanks, Carrie!
    Then. he is just tweeting/bidding farewell to his friends...He'll still be around Salem.

    Too, if Drake's character is in fact scuttled right now, it's never forever. These characters usually, almost always at some point return. Even if they were killed off, writers can magically resurrect them of course!

  5. I started watching Days again because of
    Deidra and Drake not Kristen. Marlena and Johns make no sense. Love Nicole too. Writers pay attention. (No chemistry with Kristen and Brady). Where is family, love,romance, inrique, adventure. I am so disgusted

  6. Please writers do something to bring John and Marlena back with strong storylines lines like years ago. Or at least give John a new profession with a strong women like Hope,love Marlena too.

  7. Get drake back and recast bo