Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's "We had our war. I won" tweets

I missed a few moments of Days of our Lives today due to local network problems. Follow me on twitter. Here are my live tweets:

Daniel's nanny shows up and gives him the newspaper about the shooting.

That's what Jenn wore to deal with the press? She looks like she's going to a picnic.

John reads the paper. He asks Roman if Sami's ok and if he can help. Roman told him to stay away from Marlena.

Marlena is talking to Eric about Sami. She's afraid the other cops want Sami did. Love NIcole's dress. She's at the K-Mansion w Brady.

Kristen asks Stefano about the Sami shooting. Marlena has not reached out to John. Marlena wants Eric to go to this school meeting.

Kristen tells Stefano that she's moved on.

A reporter brings up that Jenn's brother and Sami have children together. Now the show is not on my tv for some reason.

Nicole jokes that Sami shot Bernardi to keep in practice. Brady wants to go to the SPD. Nicole wants to check on Eric.

Anne gloats over the phone about Jenn having a hard time with the press. The press thinks the hospital is covering up the shooting.

Abby doesn't believe JJ. She accuses them of cutting class. Cameron shows up. JJ accuses Rory of being hot for Abby.

A freelancer is giving Jenn a hard time. Anne and Dan were watching. Jenn snaps at Dan when he insinuates she should have called him.

Abby just now found out about the shooting? Didn't Jenn say that she was up all night working with reporters? They live together.

RoMarlena try to talk to Eric about working on the school first. Nicole comes to wake us out of our coma.

John tries to get Brady to go with him to see Sami. Brady says the cops wouldn't let him see Sami. Then he leaves John.

Marlena shows up at the DiMansion to get Sami's kids.

Dan's shirt is undone. Jenn's trying to work at his place. Is this really a good time for him to sex her up?

JJ shows up at Daniel's. Oh this is going to be so awkward.

Brady is hallucinating about Kristen. Eric puts Nicole to work. She wants him to work on the school too.

Eric blasts Nicole for being insensitive to Sami. She leaves.

Cameron tells Abby that Chad wants her. JJ apologizes to Daniel, Jenn eavesdrops. JJ leaves. Dan says JJ doesn't have a problem w Parker.

Jenn can't believe Daniel thinks JJ trashed his car. *rolls eyes*

Marlena tells Kristen, "we had our war. I won. And we're done." Marlena leaves without the kids.

Nicole shows up at the K-Mansion again. Nicole wants to go away. Nicole kisses Brady.

I totally forgot that Cabby haven't sealed the deal yet. JJ is in the house. Cam mentions pill samples. JJ calls Rory about his idea.

Jenn leaves Daniel's pissed off. Marlena tells John that she dropped off the kids w Caroline. Doc tells John to help by walking away.

Bricole keep kissing. Some dude shows up at the DiMansion for Kristen.

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