Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday's "The Bates Motel" tweets

Dannifer/JJ continue to suck the life out of Days of our Lives like a starving vampire.  But we still have Kristen to entertain us.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are my live tweets:

Nicole finds Eric's notes 4 his meeting. Kristen tells Eric he needs 2 "take one for the team." Brady thinks about what Jenn told him.

Maggie tells Jenn to "get over herself" about Daniel. Dan asks JJ why he has Cameron script pad. Sami is out of jail and home.

EJ calls Sonny at the hospital. EJ tells him not to tell Justin about the video. Sonny disagrees. Will holds Ari while talking to Maxine.

Kristen takes her wig off. Kristen's phone rings, it's Brady.

Kristen answers the phone. Brady asks where she is. Brady says he dialed the wrong number. Nic leaves a message for Eric.

Nicole calls the hotel. His phone still isn't working. Nic leaves a message. Why didn't she call his cell?

JJ hands over the perscription pad to Daniel. Dan asks what he was doing with it. EJ won't tell Sami about the video.

Brady hangs up on Kristen. She calls back. He screens her call. She bangs her phone on the desk.

Kristen tests to see if Eric is awake. She's injecting the drug. Eric's cell is off. Nic is told to fax the notes.

JJ sneaks out of the room when another doctor enters. Maggie tells Jenn she'll be sorry to freeze out Dan. Dan tracks down JJ.

JJ dares Daniel to bust him. EJ tells Sami there's a video of her attacking Bernardi. Maxine takes the baby. Sonny shows up.

Nicole calls the hotel & asks her to take the notes to Eric. She refuses. "What type of place is this really? The Bates Motel?"

JJ asks if Daniel is going to tell Jenn. Jenn magically appears at work. Sami learns Chad taped her and shared it w Sonny and Abby.

Sami threatens to glue Sonny's mouth shut to stop him from talking about the video. Dan gives Jenn the script pad and leaves.

Jenn asks JJ why he has Cameron's script pad. Brady tells Maggie he called Kristen. She asks what he was thinking. lol

Nicole shows up at the hotel. She asks to see Eric. Clerk won't let her. Eric has trouble moving. Kristen leaves.

Dr. Joann confirms JJ's story that she let him in the room. He claims he was writing a note for Cameron on his script pad.

Will is dressed. Sami hugs him. JJ plays the Jack card again.

The hotel clerk thinks Nicole might be there to sabotage Father Eric. Nicole quips that he watches too much MSNBC. lol

Kristen shows up at Eric's hotel room half naked. Eric's awake and confused. She kisses him. OMG

Eric's kissing Kristen back. Maggie the clerk tells Nicole that Kristen gave her $100 for Eric's room number.

Jenn will deal with JJ at home. JJ leaves. Jenn totally buys JJ's story. She asks if Daniel will report him.

Sonny challenges Ejami to tell Will about the video. Brady spends time with Parker and thinks back to adoption plans with Kristen.

Brady leaves. Eric tries to get away from Kristen. And there goes his towel....

EJ tells Will about the video. Will figures out Bernardi was the dirty cop who stole is evidence. Dan won't report JJ.

Nicole hears sex outside Eric's door. She knocks.

Will flips out on Sami. Maxine won't let Will leave until the talks to Abe about the case. Will says he's going to confess to shooting EJ.

Daniel drops his card to Jenn on the floor. She reads it. JJ calls Rory about getting busted. Brady shows up at the DiMansion for Kristen

Harold tells Brady that Kristen left with a suitcase. Nicole walks into Eric's room and gets an eyeful.


  1. I am really not 'crazy' about what Kristen did to Eric today..disturbing more than entertaining imo..I know it is a soap staple..but it doesn't mean it is good tv..and it never do good to the characters who do it, i know Kristen is a villain but Sami is still trashed by some for some 'shenanigans' like that whereas it was two decades ago and she was 15 years old and in love with the victim !
    I like Kristen but i really don't like this plot poor innocent Eric who never did anything to Kristen..sigh.

  2. Moreover by doing that she destroys Eric's integrity and as a priest belief..maybe the most important thing to him right now, even as an atheist i get the importance of it and find it pretty sick..
    Why seeking revenge on Marlena, Brady or Nicole ? You know at least someone who in her mind did something to her..sigh..i really don't like this turn of events..

  3. Are you kidding me? Kristen is the best part of the storyline! Thank you Sony; NBC & Ken Corday for letting Kristen loose on the boring milquetoast who mill around Salem drinking lattes!