Sunday, June 30, 2013

Days Chicago August Fan Event

Days of our Lives actors will be in Chicago on August 24th for a fan event.  Details and actors scheduled to go can be found here.

Diva's 135th blogtalkradio show ready for playback!

Our 135th blogtalkradio show is ready for playback/download.  Our friends, Bob and Amy Hapka called in.  They are the parents of former Days of our Lives actor, Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton.)

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Michael Fairman's James Scott Red Carpet Interview

You can watch Michael Fairman's red carpet interview with James Scott (EJ DiMera, Days of our Lives) here.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Days July 1st Spoiler Pics

Days of our Lives spoiler pics for the week of July 1st can be found here.

Friday's "What's Up Doc?" blog

Due to a resetting router and a thunderstorm, today's Days of our Lives tweets are not tweets, but actually a word document since I couldn't friggin get online today.  Follow me on twitter now that my router is working.

Adrienne tries to talk Justin out of representing Sami due to a conflict of interest.  He says she’s the one tearing the family apart.

Sami  is with the baby and Wilson.  Wilson tell her not to tell the whole truth.  

Daniel asks Anne what the charges are against JJ.  Anne asks, “What’s up Doc?”  Daniel threatens her not to tell anyone about JJ.  He asks if that’s clear.

Abe talks to JJ and Jenn about his arrest.  Jenn asks why he didn’t tell her about the shoplifting.

Dan threatens Anne with a board censure.  She tells him he can’t save JJ from his downward spiral.   Abby asks Dan where Jenn is.  She asks what JJ did now.

Justin tells Adrienne that she’s driving Sonny away with her obsession with Sami and Will.  She tears up when Justin mentions how they fought to be together.  He leaves.

Sami doesn’t know where the razor could be.  Sami doesn’t understand why Chad is keeping it a secret.

EJ tells Chad he knows Stefano is the one behind the hit on Rafe.  Chad asks if Sami knew Bernardi worked for Stefano.  EJ thinks it’s better for Chad if he didn’t know.  EJ says he won’t let Stefano get away with it.

Daniel tells Abby that JJ got arrested for shoplifting.  Abby tells Daniel to go to Jenn.  JJ tries to guilt trip Jenn.  Jenn’s not buying it.  Abe asks if she’s ok.  

Sami asks if they set a date for the christening.  They want to wait until Eric is better.  Adrienne shows up.

Chad asks if EJ is considering patricide.  EJ says Stefano is slipping.  Justin shows up asks how Chad is doing working so Sonny is free to be with the baby.  EJ tells him that Chad is smarter than he gave him credit for.  EJ asks Justin if today is the day they will take Stefano down.

Abe talked to the store owner, and she agreed not to press charges if the stuff is returned.  Jenn tells Abe she will stop making excuses for JJ.  

Sami tells Adrienne that Justin is doing a good job.  Adrienne tells Sami that she is overprotective of Sonny.  Sami says she’s overprotective too, “oops I know you hate having something in common with me.”

Abe talks to Daniel and Abby about Jenn.  JJ apologizes to Jenn at home.  He claims it wasn’t his idea.  JJ tries to play the Jack card again as to why he stole.  Jenn stops him.

Justin tells EJ that the DA will charge Sami with murder.  Sami walks in and hears.

Jenn tells JJ Jack would be ashamed of what he did. Jenn sends him to his room and tells him he needs to think about being a man.  She steps outside and cries.

Will tells Adrienne she doesn’t have to apologize because he’s aware of the problems Sonny has been involved in since they have been together.  Adrienne tells Sonny that all she cares about is him.  Adrienne says she knows Sami is innocent because she didn’t even know the man.  Sonny tells her he has never been happier.  He wants her to be happy for him.  Will overhears.

Justin thinks the DA is overreaching with the murder charge.  Justin thinks involuntary manslaughter is more appropriate.  He tells her to tell the truth.  

Daniel goes to Jenn.  She thinks he’s there to gloat.  She wants him to leave.

Abby rips into JJ.  JJ watches Dannifer through the window.  

EJ tells Sami that everything will be fine.  He tells her not to worry about Stefano.  She wants to visit Caroline.  They agree to meet at the courthouse.  EJ talks to Stefano’s portrait.

Adrienne offers to babysit Arianna.  She leaves.  Will says that Adrienne is right, Sonny is doing things he shouldn’t because of Will.  Will tells him he was eavesdropping.  They hug.

Jenn tells Daniel she can’t take it anymore while sobbing.  They kiss.  JJ is not happy.
JJ says out loud he will use Daniel to get out of this.

Abby sees Mrs. Bernardi and Timmy at the portrait of Bernardi at the town square for his service.  Sami walks in unaware.  Mrs. Bernardi wants to talk to her.

EJ makes a call.  He takes the black king from the chess set and sets it on its side. 

Diva's 135th Blogtalkradio Show!

Join the Diva of DOOL and friends as we discuss the latest happenings in Salem, USA on our 135th blogtalkradio show.  Topics include:  Kristen raping Eric, JJ getting arrested, and the Chad/Abby/Cameron triangle.  Call in to talk to us at 914.338.1239 then press 1 or join us in our chat room.

Ratings, All Soaps Down

Funny how one week all soaps are up.  Then the very next week, all soaps are down.  Days of our Lives remains in third.  You can read all the details at SON.

"The Bay" stars to appear on TVGN

Our Marianne with Kristos Andrews

For the latest updates on THE BAY, tune in to the TV Guide Network (TVGN) for this week’s Planet 360. Hosts Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo get the latest scoop from THE BAY’s creator Gregori J. Martin and producer Kristos Andrews (Peter Garrett) on what to expect for Season 3 of THE BAY. Check local cable listings, DISH and Direct TV for this week’s Planet 360, the new entertainment connection, and plan to see some of your BAY favorites on television this Friday, June 28th at 3am ET / 12am PT on TVGN.
Current and past segments of THE BAY can be viewed at here.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Michael Fairman's Chrishell Stause interview

Michael Fairman interviewed Days of our Lives actress, Chrishell Stause about her new role on Days.  You can read and see it here.

Thursday's "until the day you die" tweets

On today's Days of our Lives, Nicole preforms a miracle, Eric doesn't remember, Kristen taunts Marlena, Anne taunts Dan, and JJ gets arrested.  So not much really. lol Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's tweets:

Flashback of Kristen's rape of Eric. Eric and Kristen stare at each other. Rory, JJ and friends were shoplifting.

Marlena asks Caroline 4 some soup. Marlena gets a call from Roman about Eric being released. Eric says he knows why Kristen is there.

Cameron shows up at Jenn's. Jenn tells Cameron that JJ took his script pad. Abby comes home. JJ was supposed to apologize. Cam leaves.

JJ's new friends try to destroy the Horton tree at the Square. Dan has some test results. Eric doesn't want to hear Kristen's crap.

Eric doesn't remember what happened. He thinks she's there to stick it to Marlena. Marlena tells Caroline that John is out of town.

Abby leaves to see Cameron. Jenn texts JJ. Cole destroys a limb on the tree then spills his drink on the plaque. JJ punches him.

Jenn rereads Daniel's note. The cops break up the fight. The cops find the stolen items. The shopkeeper says she'll press charges.

Nicole calls the state of the Dept of Education head who is giving Eric a hard time about the school. He agrees to approve the school.

Daniel comes into Eric's room. Eric says something is wrong.

Eric apologizes to Kristen for being irritable. JJ is at the police station. Jenn gets a call and leaves. Cam meets Abby.

Dan tells Eric all his test results were negative.Dan wants 2 run more tests but he needs Eric's consent. He might want 2 check 4 STDs

Abby says Chad is just a friend. Cameron thinks she's leading Chad on. Jenn is at the SPD. JJ tells about the tree & plaque only.

Bricole tell Eric the new school is approved. Nicole should work for Titan TV instead of the church. Roman is there to get Eric.

Eric isn't interested in doing any more tests. Kristen taunts Marlena and Caroline about Sami's case.

Kristen tells Marlena how intertwined their families are "until the day you die."

Daniel tells Brady that Kristen was there. Anne finds out that JJ got arrested. JJ throws Cole under the bus.Jenn demands JJ's release.

Abby tells Cameron that her being conflicted isn't about him. Cam wants her to figure out what she wants.

Ericole, RoMarlena and Caroline celebrating at the church. Caroline says Kristen, "goes everywhere she is not wanted."

The Dr tells Kristen that Eric won't remember.

Kristen rewatches the clip of her and Eric. She's editing it. Anne rubs it in Daniel's face about JJ's arrest.

Brady wonders why Kristen was at the hospital. Then he decides not to worry about her. The Bishop is happy with Eric.

Eric says "God works in mysterious ways" not knowing Nicole got the school approved.

Days Atlanta August Fan Event

Elite Fan Events announced the Days of our Lives actors attending their August 25th fan event.  Actors include:  Nathan Owens, Blake Berris, Jen Lilley, Chandler Massey, and Casey Deidrick.  You can buy tickets here.

TV Guide's 60 Greatest Soap Moments

TV Guide's Michael Logan compiled a list of the 60 greatest soap moments.  See if you agree with his list here.  I would have added Marlena appearing on the Salem pier, the Steve and Kayla wedding, Frankie Frame's murder on AW, Eden's rape SB, and the Eden and Cruz wedding on Santa Barbara.

Edit:  I thought of another one, Carrie punching out Sami at the Sami/Austin wedding which became the Carrie/Austin wedding where everyone found out that Lucas was Will's father. Epic!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday's "Mama Bear" tweets

We had some cute Lucas/Ari scenes today on Days of our Lives.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Eric has nightmares about his rape. Wait until he figures out it was Kristen. Chad calls Abby while Cameron and Theo overhears.

Theo hugs Chad. Adrienne bitches to Jenn about Justin taking Sami's case. Wilson with the baby, Lucas shows up to see his g-baby.

Brady asks Nicole what happened to Eric. Kristen is not happy with Dr. Chyka.

Why couldn't Kristen get a normal date rape drug? Eric tells Daniel he remembers.

Nicole tells Brady that Daniel thinks Eric was poisoned.
Cameron asks Chad what kind of game is he playing with Abby. Chad totally fesses up. Adrienne trashes Will to Jenn.

Jenn asks Adrienne what reason would Sami have to shoot Bernardi. Lucas tells Wilson that there's the real reason why Sami shot him.

The Dr assures Kristen that Eric will never remember what happened to him. She threatens him if Eric remembers.

Eric starts freaking out about the school meeting. It was rescheduled. Eric says something went very wrong. Kristen says it went well.

Nicole's a wreck. Brady isn't interested in a trip with Nicole.

Lucas asks how the baby is being fed??? Gabi is pumping, in case anyone wanted to know.

Adrienne asks Jenn wouldn't she be upset if Abby was dating someone who was nothing but trouble? Good point. Jenn trashed Chad yesterday.

Chad tells Cameron nothing happened with Abby last night. Brady wants to put Bricole on hold. Kristen won't leave Salem.

Daniel says the tests show nothing wrong. Eric can't remember how he was poisoned, if he was. Eric retraces his steps.

Adrienne calls Jenn "Mama Bear" that sounds more like Adrienne.

Kristen gets an update on Eric from the church. She finds the key ring Brady gave her. Brady confesses to Nic that he called Kristen.

Kristen throws the key ring away. Brady won't run away from his problems. Bricole is downgraded from "friends w benefits" to just friends

Eric says the next thing he remembers after the shower was having the chills and Nicole being there. Dan wants Eric to rest.

Abby tells Jenn that she will make her own decisions on who to date. Jenn agrees. Adrienne sees Wilson eating ice cream.

Eric is on the phone and getting dressed. Brady talks to him. Eric asks him why was Nicole in his hotel room.

Kristen is at the hospital. Nicole sneaks up on her. lol

Nicole asks Kristen why she was looking at a list. Dan asks to talk to Nicole alone. Wilson walk away from Adrienne.

I swear, Adrienne shot Will a look my MIL has given to me from time to time.

Abby tells Chad that there's a problem that needs to be solved. Dan says there's no marks on Eric. How is that possible?

Chad tells Gabi he'll back off if she wants to be with Cameron. Adrienne leaves a message for Sonny. She tears up.

Today's eppy of shows why needs more airtime. She's amazing.

Will tells Sonny that Adrienne does have a point on how dramatic his family is. Dan tells Nicole that Eric is pretty much recovered.

Brady tells Dan that Eric doesn't remember anything. Kristen looks at Eric.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lauren Koslow's Fashion Review

Days of our Lives actress, Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) did her annual Daytime Emmys fashion review with Michael Fairman.  You can see her best and worst dressed here.

Tuesday's "that was so long ago" tweets

Due to an incoming thunderstorm, I missed small portions of Days of our Lives today.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's tweets:

Nicole finds Eric in a bad condition. Hotel clerk stops Kristen. Chad admits he wants to be more than friends with Abby.

Wilson and Gabi find out rather quickly that Ari is the one in charge. Nick drops by. Jenn shows up at Daniel's who is shirtless.

Dan was just fantasizing, he's actually at work. Jenn's at work too. Marlena shows up at the rectory looking for Eric.

Marlena says outloud that she hopes Eric finds some time to relax. Yeah, Kristen took care of that already.

Nick bought a black and white mobile for the baby. The mobile calmed the baby down. Nick wants to talk to Will.

Chad tells Abby that Cameron is not the right guy for her. Security wants to know what is in Kristen's bag. Eric has a fever.

Windy day today. Dish is having a hard time.

Jenn shows Daniel the card he was going to give her. Jenn tells Daniel that she wants him to trust her to handle JJ.

Nick wants to apologize to Will again. Will's sorry about what happened to Nick in prison. Gabi asks if everything is ok.

Chad tells Abby that he can't get her out of his head. Eric calls out for Nicole. George wants Kristen arrested for not paying.

Kristen gets arrested and accused of being a hooker. Nicole can't find her cell, the hotel phone still isn't working. She leaves.

The female employee stands up for Kristen, who leaves. Nicole shows up at the lobby. Dan tells Jenn she has blinders on about JJ.

Marlena breaks up a Dannifer fight. Jenn leaves. Nabi leave together. Wilson kiss. Abby is shocked by Chad's confession.

Chabby discuss her virginity. She leaves. Nicole, George and security are in Eric's room. Security is going to get an ambulance.

Chad drops by Wilson's to talk about Abby. Jenn's back home after working for less than a minute. Abby comes home.

Abby tells Jenn that she (Abby) is a screw up. Nick tells Gabi she looks great. Gabi tells Nick that they are strangers.

Marlena tells Daniel that Eric is out of town. I don't get why Eric has to talk to the governor about work permits. Nic calls Dan.

Nicole tells Daniel that she's in the ambulance with Eric, and she wants him to treat him. Kristen is back at the DiMansion.

Chad tells Wilson he wants Abby back. Jenn tells Abby she was a virgin at her age. Abby says "that was so long ago."

Jenn tells Abby that Chad is bad news. Kristen watches her rape of Eric on video. Kristen asks Harold to answer the door. Good luck.

The Dr shows up to ask Kristen if the drugs worked. Eric shows up at the hospital. Roman is at the hospital.

Marlena asks Nicole why she was in Eric's hotel room.

Well, we have a thunderstorm watch. I'm missing Nabi right now.

Nick tells Gabi that Wilson are better men than him. She leaves. Abby feels close to Cameron...sometimes. Abby goes to her room.

Chad leaves. Wilson start making out on the couch. Nic tells RoMarlena why she went to his hotel room. Dan doesn't think Eric has a virus

Gabi interrupts the Wilson makeout session. Gabi leaves to take a nap. The Dr wants to tell Kristen about the drug side effects.

Daniel tells RoMarlena that Eric is improving. Dan wants Nicole to tell him what happened to Eric.

Dr tells Kristen that Eric won't remember. Dan tells Nicole that he thinks Eric was poisoned. Lost my signal.