Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday's "stop smirking" tweets

Kristen/John scenes were the best part of today's episode of Days of our Lives.  Sami assaulting Bernardi was a close second. RIP Jeanne Cooper.  Here are today's live tweets:

Jenn comes home to see her son there. She asks why he's not at school. Vargas sits with Nick at the coffee house.

Vargas asks how Nicky is doing with his money. Will gives baby gifts to Gabi. Gabi tells Will that Nick won't keep him away.

Brady asks EJ where Kristen is. She's in the secret room with John. She's not happy to see him. He wants to finish what they started.

JJ says he just had essays to do, so he came home. He asks Jenn what she's up to. Brady tells EJ to "stop smirking."

Kristen wants John to leave. She tells him that she's done, "finally finally done."

Sami tries to bs Bernardi to get the evidence. He tells her that she's nuts. lol He denies knowing Stefano.

JJ thinks Jenn looks frazzled. Abby interrupts Jenn when she was going to talk about Daniel. Abby calls JJ "squirt." lol

Jeanne Cooper is trending. That's nice.

Sami chases Bernardi through the sq. That was pretty funny. Sami confesses she heard his conversation w Stefano. He's going to call him

Abby is not buying JJ's story on why he's home early. Sami tells Bernardi she will make it worth his while.

Maggie bothers Daniel at work about Brady. She's afraid he'll start drinking. She wants Daniel to talk to him.

Kristen tells John she wants to be free from the past. Kristen tells John how wonderful Brady is. She wants her happy ending.

JJ denies anything is going on. He calls her "Abs". He asks her about Cameron. Abs tells him that Jenn is happy with Daniel.

Nick talks Vargas into being patient. Gabi walks in and asks if things are ok. Will joins EJ at the Pub.

Will is surprised he can trust Sami and Stefano. Sami offers Vargas's money to Bernardi. He still won't do it. She assaults him.

Bernardi gets away. Sami vows he will be sorry he crossed her. Brady is still looking for Kristen. Daniel shows up.

Kristen shows John their wedding stuff. Kristen didn't wear her mother's necklace 4 her wedding to Tony, because it wasn't a real marriage.

Jenn wants 2 talk 2 JJ alone. Vargas leaves Nabi. Gabi thinks he's creepy. Will asks EJ if he remembers the first time he saw Johnny.

Sami shows up at the Pub. Will wants to know what happened. Brady guesses correctly that Maggie put Daniel up to it.

Brady tells Daniel that he's mad at John. Wonder why Marlena never asked John why he had Kristen's stuff after all those years?

Jenn is not buying why JJ is home early. Will tells Ejami that things are tense with Nabi. Nick refuses to shop with Gabi.

Sami tells EJ that getting the evidence was an "epic fail." He asks her to try to not get into any trouble. lol

Harold! When was the last time we saw him? He tells Brady that Kristen is with her old wedding stuff. Daniel bails.

John tells Kristen that he wasn't innocent back then. He wasn't honest about his feelings for Marlena.

Kristen says that Marlena is the love of his life. John says things change. He denies hating her 4 being with Brady. Says K is complicated

JJ denies that there is anything else to tell Jenn. Does anyone really care why he's home early?

Daniel meets JJ. JJ is not impressed.

EJ receives a call from Justin. Rafe is on the phone with Will. Will notices everyone left the Pub.

John and Kristen about ready to kiss, when Brady knocks on the door.


  1. The Sami's scenes were hilarious, Sami should always be written like that; as a 'taking charge' kind of gal who maybe fail but always tries (this extra on the background lmaooooo, she looked like Gaby obviously it was not, the Kristen/John scenes were interesting..the Will/Ej scene was sweet and JJ is cute (and already is not fan of good episode !

  2. Rafe with Kate is the joke of the year. There is no sparks there. I still beleive Sami belongs with Rafe.

    1. Sami belongs with Ej and Rafe is the most interesting he has ever been with Kate.

  3. When is the wedding of Brady and Kristen hurry it up already tired of Brady being stupid when it comes to Kristen enough please dump him or whatever.