Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday's "retrograde amnesia" tweets

Days of our Lives was intentionally and sometimes unintentionally funny today.  Don't forget to follow me on twitter!  Here are today's live tweets:

Jenn tells JJ that he lied to her. He was the one dealing pot. Abby overhears. Daniel leaves message to Kate.

Ericole show up at the hospital to see Rafe. Eric wants to perform the sacrament. Nic asks Dan if EJ did it.

Brady's call from work was about Rafe's beat down. Brady hints that EJ or Stefano did it. EJ interrupts.

JJ claims he was framed. Sounds sort of like the plot from "Scent of a Woman."

JJ tells Jenn that the "son she raised, had a father."

Daniel already predicting that Rafe won't know who attacked him due to retrograde amnesia. *insert joke here*

Nic begs to see Rafe. Daniel agrees when Eric is done. J&M find out Rafe got attacked.

Brady asks EJ who did it. Speaking of retrograde amnesia, didn't Brady beat up EJ once? Kristen asks EJ if he did it.

JJ admits being a drug dealer. He complains the school didn't let him explain. Copying Hillary, JJ says, "what difference does it make?"

JJ says Jack "got him" but Jenn doesn't. JJ says Abby and Jenn got over Jack's death easier than he did. Duh.

Nicole pleas for Rafe to wake up. EJ tells Kristen about Rate. Kristen says, "that's just gross."

Jenn asks Abby to help JJ apply to Salem High. "High" being the operative word.

J&M show up at the hospital. Marlena asks Eric about Rafe's condition. J&M head to the DiMansion to find Sami. EJ is looking 4 her too.

Brady tells Kristen about EJ having Anna kidnap Sydney. Brady doesn't want to live with EJ and Stefano.

Dan shows up at Jenn's. I guess neither of them are working today. Dan claims he wanted to hear children chatter, I bet he'd prefer a nooner

Abby finds out about Rafe on her phone like everyone else. Is Sami texting everyone in Salem?

Ericole back at the rectory. Nicole feels bad that she once wished ill on Rafe. You are not the only one Nicole.

Nicole makes Rafe attack all about her. She thinks he doesn't know she appreciates him. Eric asks what is wrong with her.

John tells Marlena that he hasn't been fair to her. Kristen's freaking out. It's laugh out loud funny.

Kristen starts destroying the wedding flowers because the voices in her head told her to.

So Kristen thinks it's gross that Rafe and Kate had an affair, but not her and Brady.

Jenn tells Daniel that "there's nothing wrong with us." lmfao JJ spots them making out on the couch.

EJ tries to get into Rafe's hospital room. Guard won't let him in. Nurse shuts the blinds. The guard saying "no" was funny.

John tells Marlena to go ahead & file for divorce. Do it Marlena! Brady asks wth Kristen is doing. Kristen won't turn her back on DiFamily

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