Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday's epiphany tweets

I have no idea what is going on with the writing on Days of our Lives.  You get amazing scenes like Nick giving the baby to Will, then you get total crap scenes like John taunting Roman about Marlena for the umpteenth time.  It's all very schizophrenic.  Anyway, here are my live tweets:

Hotel security won't let John out of Kristen's hotel room. Kristen shows up at the DiMansion to get humiliated again. John calls Brady.

Brady has the pic of Kristen and Sy. Sami and Adrienne visit Gabi. The baby is missing. Nick brings the baby to Will.

Gabi freaks out. She tells Maxine the baby is gone. Roman shows up at Kristen's hotel room Brady asks Kristen, "who are you?"

Will calls out Nick's name. John won't answer Roman's questions. Brady figures out that Kristen set him up. Kristen blames Marlena.

Maggie hugs Sonny at the hospital. John already has his attorney there. Kristen accuses Marlena of photoshopping the pic.

Now Kristen throws Hope under the bus. Brady accuses Kristen of playing him.

Kristen insists to Brady that she loves him. Kristen finally fesses up. Maxine tells Sami that the baby is missing.

Nick shows Will the baby. Marlena shows up at Hope's office. Roman tells John he thinks John has feelings for Kristen.

Kristen admits to some trickery, but insists she loves Brady. Brady asks about her epiphany.

Sonny sees Nick, Will and the baby. Nick apologizes to Will. Nick gives Will the baby. Poor baby is crying.

Sami rips Maggie apart for sticking up for Nick. Maxine tells Sami that "everything's cool." The Roman/John stuff is filler.

John accuses Roman again of plotting 2 make a move on Marlena. Marlena id's the pic of Sy. She tells Hope that Johnny via Ciara had the pic

Kristen tells Brady that John wanted her in bed.

Kristen tells Brady that John wanted Brady to walk in on them in bed. John is one kinky bastard.

Sami goes into Will's room. Nick leaves the room. Nick's upset, Maggie asks if he's ok. Gabi and Adrienne talk about Sonny.

BTW, all newborns have bracelets on them that triggers an alarm if they are removed from the ob/gyn wing.

Sami tells Will that Sonny delivered the baby. Maggie asks about Jensen. Maggie knows what happened to Nick from his expression.

Blake Berris totally killed it today on again.

Kristen says, "I adore you Brady Black." Brady is so not buying it. Maggie asks Nick if he told Gabi. She encourages him 2 tell her

Nick shows up in Gabi's room. Maxine tells Nick not to take the baby without telling a nurse. Hope asks if Marlena will tell John.

Kristen is holding on to Brady's knees. She has to be suffering from deja vu by now.

Brady tells Kristen that their love is gone. He leaves. Will tells the baby and Sonny that he loves them.

Nick wants to tell Gabi the truth. John finds Brady by the bench. Marlena is back at the DiMansion.

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