Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday's "you won" tweets

Jenn tells Kristen that she won, but I think it's Jenn who wins because she managed to be late her first day back at work, then leaves a few minutes later for a nooner with Daniel without being fired.  Here's today's live tweets:

Brady tells Kristen that he applied for them to adopt. Justin & Adrienne, Hope and Ciara are the K-Mansion. Ciara is not a happy camper.

Maxine tells Daniel that his afternoon surgery canceled. So Jenn shows up late, and now she's leaving in the middle of the day.

EJ volunteers to talk to Will who is freaking out. Sami vows to not let Stefano get the evidence. John shows $ to a stranger.

Kristen tells Brady she can't go on like this, and he doesn't deserve it.

Sami's cell rings in her purse, EJ's finds a gun. Kristen tells Brady that no one has loved her like he does.

Jenn leaves to do errands. Daniel wants to meet at his place. They both worked about 10 minutes that day.

Ciara asks Hope when Bo will be back. Justin gets her a snack. Hope tells Adrienne she doesn't know when Bo will be home.

EJ asks Sami what she's doing with a gun. Dude hands John an envelope, John gives him the money. John has a key.

Brady thinks Kristen is not over losing her child. Jenn shows up.

Brady leaves Jenn and Kristen alone. Jenn gives Kristen what Daniel gave her for Kristen's "something borrowed and blue."

Sami tells EJ that Kate gave her the gun. Sami shows EJ that the gun isn't loaded. EJ tells Sami to be careful before she leaves.

Hope offers to take Ciara to the zoo. EJ calls Justin and asks to meet. Justin agrees. Daniel comments that Brady isn't happy.

Brady tells Daniel what happened with Kristen. Brady blames John for Kristen being upset. Kristen cries to Jenn that Brady loves her.

Jenn tells Kristen, "you won."

Hope and Ciara are in Hope's office, they run into Sami. Ciara's back to pouting again. Officer Bernardi is stealing the evidence.

Justin and EJ meet at a bar. He gives Justin a half an hour to decide to help him or not. Kristen is afraid she will hurt Brady.

Jenn assumes that Kristen is afraid her marriage will drive a wedge with Brady and his family. Kristen says she's not a good person.

Is Kristen bi-polar? After crying most of the episode she's all perky after Jenn leaves.

Dannifer attempts to have sex with Parker toys all over the bed. EJ wants to seize Stefano's legal enterprises.

EJ says he doesn't care about the consequences of taking down Stefano. Hope leaves Ciara with Sami. Ciara confides in Sami.

Sami hears Bernardi in the SPD. Man, Ciara just got dumped by her cousin.

Kristen tells Stefano that Brady gave her a baby for a wedding present. Stefano asks if she's in love with Brady. She thinks she is.

Ciara fights temptation when a cop puts an envelope on Hope's desk. Dannifer eat ice cream in bed. Ciara hides the envelope.

Ciara hid the envelope so she can go to the zoo. Hope shows up, they leave. Kristen wants the key to the secret room.

Daniel drops Jenn off at home. JJ asks where she's been. Jenn's happy to see her son. Justin asks why EJ doesn't call Steffie his dad

Sami catches up w Bernardi. She tells him she's supposed to get the evidence. Brady asks where Kristen is. She's in the secret room.

Kristen finds her wedding veil. John shows up in the secret room.

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