Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday's "Revenge isn't joy, it is Hell" tweets

I was disappointed in today's episode of Days of our Lives.  I probably had too high of expectations.  There were some good moments.  It wasn't a bad episode at all, I just felt it could have been better.  Anyway, here are my tweets:

Oh no. John and Kristen on her bed kissing. Father Whattawaste wakes up shirtless in bed. Sami and Caroline sit by Will.

Sami tells Caroline that Will should wake up tomorrow. Caroline asks how she is doing. Sami breaks down and cries.

Nick walks into Gabi's room while she sleeps. Marlena sees the pic of Kristen and Sy. Sy flashback. Brady's phone is still on the ground.

Nicole tells Brady she doesn't know Kristen really. She asks if Brady really knows her.

John stops kissing Kristen to smell a fart. Well, that is what it looks like.

Flashback #3 of Marlena figuring out that Kristen set up the mugging. Brady agrees that Kristen saved him.

John tries attempt #2 with having sex with Kristen. Maybe the viagra hasn't kicked in yet.

Adrienne shows up at the hospital to see Sonny. Sami updates Caroline. Nurse brings in the baby to Nick. She's so cute.

Marlena asks Johnny if Hope saw the pic. Marlena leaves a message for Hope. Eric walks into the Pub. She's smiling.

Nicole denies being in love with Eric. Kristen stops things with John. Thank God!

Another flashback of Kristen accusing Nicole of lusting after Eric. Nicole thinks Kristen told Brady that she is into Eric.

"Have you met me? I'm always over the top," says Nicole. lol Bricole make up before she leaves. She makes him promise to stay happy.

Eric blames the Bristen wedding for his insomnia. Marlena wants Eric to watch Johnny. She tells him Brady is going to be alright.

Sonny gives all the details to Adrienne. She wants to know about Sonny delivering the baby. Sonny never wants to deliver a baby again. lol

Sonny and Adrienne leave to see Will. Sami and Caroline leave. Marlena sees Brady at the Square. Kristen asks John what he feels for her.

Kristen wants the truth. She wants to tell him how she feels.

Eric tells Johnny that he's getting smarter every day. Johnny's happy to see Nicole. Caroline lectures Sami on not telling her about Will.

Caroline is upset that she was in the dark about Will being shot. Sami starts crying again. Adrienne feels bad for not liking Will.

Marlena tries to show Brady the pic, he doesn't want to see it. Kristen tells off John. He gets dressed.

"Revenge isn't joy, it is Hell," says Kristen. She rips the pearls from her neck.

Gabi wakes up and asks Nick, "isn't she beautiful?" Adrienne figures out that Will may get some rest if everyone leaves him alone.

Johnny tells Ericole that Marlena is really mad about Kristen. Brady leaves Marlena before she can drop her bomb on him.

Kristen wants to throw a parade for herself for not wanting revenge anymore. Kristen says she's full of love for Brady.

John should be thanking Kristen for saving his marriage by not having sex with him.

Kristen tells John what his plan was. Brady comes home to the DiMansion set up for the wedding. They even have Bristen matches. lol

Johnny is already confessing to Father Eric. Better get used to that, kid.

Nicole explains forgiveness to Johnny. Johnny asks Nicole if she's going to do anything bad again. Johnny wants Ericole to marry.

Sonny leaves Sami and Adrienne alone. Adrienne offers to help Sami about how Jensen got out of prison.

Kristen wants to leave, John won't let her. Hotel security lets her out of the room. Marlena follows Brady home.

Even Johnny knows Nicole has the hots for Eric. He tells him that Nicole looks at him like she did EJ.

Adrienne and Sami visit Gabi. The baby isn't in the room. Will wakes up to see Nick and the baby in his room. He falls back asleep.

Hotel security ask John if he's been drinking. They won't let him leave. Kristen shows up at the DiMansion.

John calls Brady. His phone is still at the Square. Brady has the pic of Kristen and Sy. Oh, he's not happy.

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