Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday's "of course it hurts you moron" tweets

Today's episode was a very good one of Days of our Lives.  Sonny finally sees a vagina.  Kate slaps Sami.  Nick was Jensen's prison bitch.  Will gets shot.  Don't forget to follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Will hides from Jensen. Jensen asks Nick where Gabi is. Gabi goes into labor. Parker plays with Daniel at the K-Mansion.

Abby shows up at the K-Mansion to return cooking utensils to Maggie. Dan asks if JJ is happy to be home. He says he returned the mp3 player

Justin asks Kate about Rafe. She blames the DiMeras for his attack. Sami asks EJ who he talked to on the phone.

Jensen tells Nick he's not going anywhere. Gabi tells Sonny the baby is going to be born tonight.

Hope blames herself for Jensen missing. Sonny looks for a place to give birth. Jensen threatens to finish off Rafe.

Abby thinks JJ is in shock seeing Jack's stuff gone from the house. JJ tells Jenn the mp3 player stopped working. He tries to leave.

Kate tells Justin that she thinks EJ had Rafe beaten. Sami asks why she's wearing his ring after he won't tell her who he talked to.

Sonny claims he watched a birth tape in health class. He asks if it hurts. "Of course it hurts you moron!" yells Gabi. lol

Jensen asks Nick if he wants a reminder on how close they were in prison. Will overhears the conversation.

JJ wants to take a walk. Jenn won't let him leave without a good talk. I'm assuming EJ's call has to do with Stefano.

Sonny is trying to make up with Gabi. Gabi is more interested in her labor right now. Jensen wants to know why Nick turned on him.

Will spies some tools. Jensen tells Nick that Nick was his bitch.

Abby brings Daniel over to Jenn's. JJ fesses up that the mp3 player is ruined. He insists it was an accident. He broke Parker's train too.

Kate and Sami at the coffee house. Sami is looking for Will. Kate tells Sami that she thinks EJ hired someone to kill Rafe.

Justin was the one who called EJ. EJ tells Justin that Hope thinks it was a hit call. Vargas tells Hope about Jensen liking Smith Island.

Gabi apologizes about what she did to Melanie. Boy is Sonny clueless about childbirth. lol

Will clubs Jensen with a large wrench.

JJ left the train running and burned out the train. Jenn tells him to get a job and replace the broken items. Dan gives him a pass.

Abby wants to talk to JJ outside. EJ is upset that Justin asks him if he was the one who took out Rafe. EJ insists he's innocent.

Hope and the police show up on the island. Will and Jensen start fighting. Nick tries to get the gun. Jensen shots Will.

JJ admits he misses Jack. Abby misses him too. Sami tells Kate that she thinks Kate attacked Rafe because he dumped her.

Hope hears Gabi scream in pain. Sonny does not want to look at Gabi's nether regions. lol

Nick yells at Jensen for shooting Will.

Jenn blames herself for not bringing JJ home to help him deal with losing Jack. JJ leaves Abby to talk to a guy.

EJ gives Justin envelopes to nail Stefano. Kate slaps Sami and calls her a bitch after Sami brings up Kate poisoning Chloe.

Hope shots Jensen. Sonny delivers Gabi's baby. She's not making any noises.

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  1. While i liked this episode for the action, all the umbrella interaction..i am not happy about this weak storytelling (yep weak) i know it is just a soap opera, a daytime soap i may add where writing is not known for being rooted, complex and deep but a Nick insta redemption because he was a prison bitch..no just no for me, i love the Nick character i love Blake Berris his portrayer and his nuanced acting ( for a soap actor) but no i don't buy that. Homophobia is not cause of abuse..nope first in real life it does not happen like that and secondly in smart fiction either..just watch Oz or The Wire..nope. Therefore this simplistic, unrealistic outcome doesn't compell me to watch..We can understand Nick's trauma and pain from jail (let's not forget he was also stabbed by Vargas, Jensen was not the only abuser here) but knowing his trauma doesn't make him a 'change' man not responsible for his acts..i can sympathise with this character like i did/do with any other grey, devilish characters who did some awful things but also did overcome some awful things did to them however i will not whitewash ALL their story (bad as much as good).