Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday's "Kristen Black" tweets

Kate gets a lot of snark thrown in her direction because of her affair with Rafe.  Here are today's live Days of our Lives tweets:

Kristen makes a good point that Brady needs to think about marrying into the DiFamily. JJ breaks up Dannifer's make out session.

Lumi at the hospital hearing there's no change in Rafe's condition. Mystery person reads about Rafe in the paper.

Kate asks Hope if they are closer to figuring out who attacked Rafe. Hope wants to ask Kate more questions. Hope knows about Rate.

John wants a clean break with a divorce. Marlena blames it on Kristen. Brady still wants to get married.

John tells Marlena she deserves better. She slaps him hard. "You disgust me," says Marlena. Kristen says Brady is "too good."

Kristen tells Brady that she's giving him an out.

Maggie shows up at the DiMansion with a wedding gift. Brady tells her that Stefano is the problem. Jenn tells Dan things are not fine

Sami fills in Lucas about Rate. Kate tells Hope she doesn't think her affair with Rafe is relevant. Kate tells her Stefano didn't know.

Lucas tells Sami he thinks EJ did it. Gabi overhears. Kristen walks in on the J&M discussion.

Jenn tells Daniel what JJ did. Dannifer discuss his mp3 player he got from Melanie. JJ overhears.

Hope doesn't buy that Stefano didn't know about Rate. Hope says she's going to question Ejami.

Maggie tries to Brady that Kristen has issues she has to work out before they get married. Marlena leaves John with Kristen.

John tells Kristen that they are divorcing. Brady wants to talk to him when Kristen leaves.

JJ wants to borrow an mp3 player. Dan offers his. JJ thanks him. Sami tells Lucas to keep Gabi calm. "You're scared of the truth Sami."

Hope makes snarky comments about Rate. Kate sets her straight. John and Brady have a meaningless conversation. John leaves.

Lucas joins Kate at the coffee house. Lucas tells Kate that Rate is "sick". She tells him that she thinks the attack on Rafe was her fault.

Hope tells Sami that she sounds less and less convinced that EJ is innocent. Brady wants Kristen to become Kristen Black.

Maggie stops by Jenn's house to meddle there. JJ stops by the hospital to see Daniel. The mp3 player is broken.

Mystery dude walks around the hospital with flowers. Lucas explains the Sami theory that she always wants the guy she doesn't have.

Gabi walks in on Hope and Sami at the SPD.

JJ claims he dropped Daniel's mp3 player, and then a truck ran over it. Gabi tells Hope that she thinks EJ tried to kill Rafe.

Gabi tells her that she heard EJ say on his phone that "it's done? good." Hope thinks he paid someone to attack Rafe.

Brady asks Marlena what is wrong. John asks Kristen if she's not going to marry Brady.

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