Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday's "your ex-girlfriend is going to be your daughter-in-law" tweets

Due to a quickie thunderstorm, I lost my dish signal today. I missed the middle of Days of our Lives. Anyway, here are my tweets: 

Sonny tells Will that the baby is born. Will is still in la la land. Lumi watch. Daniel tells Jenn, Abby, and JJ about what happened.

Marlena tells Hope that John wants a divorce. John shows up at the hospital and talks to EJ. EJ wants to talk about Kristen.

My 8 year old just said: Kristen is crazier than Stefano. lol

Brady wants to get married anyway. EJ tells John about baby Arianna. EJ pries about John's marriage.

Stefano makes fun of Brady's bad luck with weddings by comparing them to Sami's.

JJ bashes Daniel for leaving Parker with the nanny. Sonny tells Will about the day they met.

EJ to John: "Your ex-girlfriend is going to be your daughter-in-law."

Bristen part ways. She's spending the night at the Salem Inn.

Lumi thank Sonny for delivering Arianna. Lucas sits at Will's bedside. Tells Will "you're better man than I'll ever be."

Ciara gets dropped off to Hope and Marlena. Ciara needs to talk to Johnny. Hope wants to talk to her first.

My dish is out. Storm isn't even here yet.

My signal is back. Jenn is at Kristen's hotel room. Jenn figures out she's not wanted.

Lumi toast to being grandparents. Sonny is still with Will. Hope tells Ciara that she loves her. Hope talks to her about the letter

Ciara tattles on Johnny to Hope. Kristen wants to drink with Jenn. Jenn tells her that Dannifer will stand up for them.

Lucas has something to tell Sonny. Jenn tells Kristen about JJ. JJ tells Abby that Jack was miserable the last few months.

Abby denies that it has been easy for them to move on. JJ calls Cameron "Dr. Feelgood."

Kristen tells Jenn that Brady wants to adopt. Kristen gets upset. She wants to be alone. Brady and Daniel went to a batting cage.

Going to a batting cage for a bachelor party? Ok.

My son thinks the violin music of John removing his wedding ring is dumb. lol

Lucas wishes he could take back what he said when Wilson first got together. Lucas says he knows how Sonny loves Will.

EJ toasts to the Bristen wedding. Stefano doesn't lift his glass.

Johnny looks at the Kristen/Sy pic. Johnny tells Marlena that he "did a bad thing."

Brady wants to see Kristen one last time. Kristen gets a knock on the door. It's John. She sips her wine.

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