Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday's "don't call me son" tweets

Pretty boring episode of Days of our Lives today.  You should follow me here on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Eric prays for his family. Marlena shows up at the rectory. Abby meets Cameron at the coffee shop. She tells him about JJ.

JJ meets Daniel. JJ's being super passive aggressive with Daniel. Sami rehearses her lies. Nick grabs her from behind.

Brady asks Kristen why the secret room door is locked. Because it's the secret room. Duh!

Rafe meets with Will at the Pub. He wants to know why Nick doesn't want Will around the baby. Nick wants his money.

Marlena talks to Eric about John leaving her. She doesn't think they'll reunite. Kristen opens the door for Brady.

Kristen won't let him in the room. Brady hears something.

Cameron got a job as a custodian. Abby's hinting about sex. Jenn shows up to break up the awkwardness of Daniel and JJ. JJ leaves.

Eric wants 2 go 4 a walk w Marlena. Brady leaves. Kristen tells John that Brady arranged for an adoption. John asks if she wants a baby.

Nick tries to get into Sami's briefcase. She hits him in his junk, then pulls out a gun.

Cameron wants Abby to do it when she's ready. Or she can get him drunk and then pretend they had sex.

Daniel leaves. Jenn wants to talk to JJ alone. She's mad, JJ lied. He was expelled for drug dealing. Uh oh.

John slips something into his pocket (I think it was Kristen's necklace) while watching Marlena and Eric at the Square.

Brady tells Kristen he knows why she was downstairs, and it was about his dad. Rafe pressures Will to tell the truth.

Nick plays audio of Will saying he shot EJ to Sami.

JJ swears none of the drug dealing was his fault.His roommate was selling pot.JJ didn't tell her b/c he was afraid she wouldn't believe him.

Eric wants to talk to John. Kristen tells Brady she wants to put adoption on hold.

Will finally tells Rafe the truth. Sami wants Nick's cell phone with the audio on it. Nick threatens to turn in Will.

Daniel talks to Cabby. Jenn and JJ hug it out. Eric is not happy with John. Marlena shows up at the Pub. Rafe leaves.

Nick dares Sami to shoot him. Sami gives Nick his money back. Nick tells her to keep her mouth shut about the money.

JJ meets Cameron. Cameron has to go. JJ tells Abby that the talk with Jenn was fine. Will & Marlena don't want to talk about their problems

Eric tells John to not hurt their family again. Eric tells him to leave it in God's hands, or they all will regret it.

Kristen tells Brady that she's over John. She tells him that if you don't get what you want, it's for the best.

If Kristen throws away happiness with Brady to get revenge on John, she's dumber than Brady.

Jenn talks to Daniel on the phone. She tells him things are going to be fine. Nick does his investment deal. Rafe finds him.

Bristen work on wedding plans. John tells God that he's sorry, he's going to stop Kristen while holding her necklace.

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  1. I found this episode quite entertaining actually..and Sami and Nick had some physical chemistry..this time or in this case they looked like they were going to kiss Diva ! ha.