Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday's "after that, there was no me" tweets

Blake Berris was absolutely amazing today on Days of our Lives.  Eileen Davidson was phenomenal as crazy Kristen.  Finally we got a decent episode today.  Here are today's tweets:

Nicole and Eric at the rectory. Lucas joins Sami, and Sonny in Will's room. Nick wants to tell Gabi the truth.

Brady asks John what did he do with Kristen. Kristen calls Marlena a "bitch". Marlena says, "isn't that what payback is?"

Will tells Lucas that Nick brought him the baby. Nick tells Gabi that he lied about everything. He blackmailed Will.

Nick admits he blackmailed Will because he's gay. Brady asks John if he tried to seduce Kristen. Marlena came back to see Brady.

Kristen tells Marlena that she regrets not killing her when she had the chance.

Next time Marlena has a gloatfest, she needs to wear bitchin shoes. She's not even wearing heels.

Nick tells Gabi that when he met her, that he put all of his memories of prison in a box.

Nick says when Will was known to be the father, the memories came back. John doesn't answer the question, Hope interrupts.

Kristen hints that Marlena doesn't know everything, John in particular.

Eric asks Nicole if she's at peace living there. Nicole denies having feelings for him. Sonny and Sami return the baby to the nursery.

Gabi asks Nick if he really loves her. He's confused. Nick tells her that Jensen raped and beat him. "After that, there was no me."

I swear is going to make me cry. Wow.

Brady tells Hope that Kristen lied when she saw the pic. John's hearing this for the first time. Kristen tells Marlena John was on her bed

Nick tells Gabi that he wishes she never met him. Sonny and Sami bring in the baby. Gabi has to sign the baby's birth certificate.

Nicole tells Eric 2 get over himself. Brady gives Hope the pic. She leaves. Kristen tells Marlena to ask John if he was on top of her.

Marlena doesn't believe Kristen. Kristen tells Marlena that Marlena sees sparks fly between her and John.

Nicole wants an apology from Eric by tomorrow. Nick tells the nurse that the father is Will. Kristen throws a glass. She's pissed.

Kristen tells Marlena that she changed because of Brady's love. "I chose love." Then Marlena ruined it with the pic.

Kristen tells Marlena that John was all over her and "to live with that for the rest of your putrid life."

Hope is in the DiMansion. She tells Marlena that she did the right thing. Hope wants to question Kristen about the pic.

Sami tells Nick "thank you" and leaves. Sonny leaves too.

John tells Marlena, "you nailed Kristen." Actually John, you almost nailed Kristen.

Brady is offered some "durango dynamite" by a drug dealer. He turns it down. NIcole finds Brady. He tells her it's over.

Lucas tells Sami that Will is better than both of them together. Sonny tells sleeping Will that things are going to work out.

Gabi tells Nick that she has a lot to think about. He leaves. She's crying. Eric asks God to bless Nicole.

Eric says a prayer for Brady. Nicole wants to take Brady to a diner and talk. Brady holds Nicole. Marlena asks John what he did.

Marlena doesn't want to think about what happened with Kristen. She leaves John. Kristen asks Hope to tell Brady she loves him.

Hope won't do Kristen a favor. She's going to charge Kristen with a felony.


  1. I was so very angry about the cliche 'jail rape' plot point in order to make the audience to feel sorry for the Nick character and to give him an instant redemption but because of it it allows to showcase some very great and powerful scenes for the actor and the character he portrays..So while i am very unimpressed about this type of lazy writing (jail rape doesn't equal homophobia folks) i can still enjoy the acting and the empathy felt coming from the character's journey.
    That being said i hope all will not be whitewashed in few it is so usual on these soap operas since they decided to write this story in a serious way.. So kudos to Blake Berris (and he was also lucky to get this type of material, every actors doesn't get this opportunity to be honest) but this fallout well quite effective i have to admit but stays really predictable and easy imho. I guess you can't have all..even more on a daytime soap which is not an indie movie or a quality cable prime time tv show..

    1. When i spoke about whitewashing i spoke about ALL Nick's layers including the trauma but also his awful actions. Not a black or white journey but a grey one for the Fallonator.

  2. Excellent episode! The theme of course that ties togther this crescendo is Characters in Denial facing Reality; Marlena can no longer deny that John is still in love with Kristen. Too, Nick can no longer deny that he, a victim of rape, is living a lie. He is forced to acknowledge that he really does not know who he is at this point.

    The character "Kristen" is the metaphorical equivalent of Truth Serum for the sanctimonious characters, John & Marlena...The real drama surrounds the character, Marlena having to face the shocking Truth that her husband is still very much in love with Kristen, a truth that she until now fought so hard to avoid, to quash, to deny and to smother...but it was all for naught...John's desire for Kristen is quite evident and has been all along, hence Marlena's valid and obvious insecurities...

    The other Truth faced is Nick's; it is telling when he reveals that he really does not know who he is... Is he capable of loving anyone? Has he completely created a fantasy relationship with Gabi? Is he questioning his sexuality? At the episode's close, Gabi of course is faced again with the sad and unfortunate circumstance that a man whom she thought loved her had in fact fabricated a fantasy because he is confused as to just who he really is...

    1. Great posts, yeah these last weeks gave the opportunity to shows some real depth for the Nick and to a certain extent Kristen's characters. And the fact that these characters driving stories and facing complex conflicts were not on the canvas for a long time give Days a refreshing vibe imo. The only really weak point here is the contrived plot point regarding the John Black's character..everything was given to Kristen and nothing to John in this story, we should have seen what was HIS real point of view and conflict (i still don't know what John feels about Kristen and his marriage to 'fair' Marlena).

  3. . I agree that John Black is an enigma. It will be interesting to see him reveal his unresolved feelings should the writers decide to go in that direction and I'm guessing that will be case.

    What we do know about John with respect to Kristen is that he had an intense relationship with Kristen, was poised to say I do to Kristen, and then when he learned that Marlena had returned, he left Kristen at the Altar. This precipitated Kristen's complete psychotic break resulting in her going to great lengths including kidnapping Marlena and passing another woman's baby off as her own in order to continue her relationship with John.

    The John Black character, for as long as I can recall, has always been enshrouded in mystery; he never reveals much about himself, and even when he does, it leaves me feeling as though he is still being rather mysterious and enigmatic.

    In this instance though, it is plain to see that John Black has a lot of unresolved, intimate feelings for Kristen. His actions speak louder than words. He unwittingly made his "True" feelings for Kristen quite apparent not only to Kristen but also to Roman, Brady and more significantly to Marlena.