Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sean Douglas interview ready for playback!

Be sure to listen to the archive of our blogtalkradio interview with Sean Douglas (Vargas).  He's a really cool guy.  He offered us some interesting tidbits like the role on Days of our Lives he was previously up for.

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  1. So Tomlin chose his buddy Galen over this fine Sean Douglas ! What a freaking waste.. being a 'name' and the producer's toy boy can get you really far..sigh.
    I heard also Sean Kanan wanted to audition for the role but they never even gave him the chance to do the tests..Tomlin just chose Galen (and changed the backstory for an hispanic character) over any others no matter the lack of chemistry between AS and his favorite..
    And if Sean Douglas was allowed to be in the final casting without being a name you can be sure he did the tests and the chemistry-testing with Alison which should have been great since he was in the final round..of course Galen being who he is did not need that and the rest is bad history..what a freaking waste..i am so mad !! Poor Ali she could have had him, you know an actor with charisma, a great voice and acting ability as a long time love interest..instead her and us the audience got tortured by this dull Galen's Rafe 'superhero' (in his own mind and Tomlin's) version for years ! And i am not even sure it is over given the awful spoilers (puke).
    Let's hope they can do something interesting with this Vargas character, Sean can do it justice if the material is decent imo.
    Great interview ladies anyway, Sean's voice is so sexy..and right of the bat the character is interesting and popular..A bad guy with redeeming aspects should be the road to follow and involving him with lot's of characters in order to make his stories interesting but not an insta-redemption when suddenly he works for the cops..just no, it would totally ruin the character a fling or some romance with Hope or not !
    p.s: you have a serious die-hard Kate's fan in your team Diva, she wants every guys with Kate..lol like Kate did not have her fair share of guys already (she has been with almost ALL Salem male population)..lol.

    1. lol I'm on Team Vope first. Then Kate can have her way with Vargas. lol But, Kate has been stuck with being paired with 80 year olds, so I'm ok with her sleeping with the rest of Salem to make up for that. lol