Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday's "perfect lover who gave me back my soul" tweets

Action packed episode of Days of our Lives today. Oh feel the heat between Hope and Vargas! lol Ciara gets busted.  Ejami engage in fighting foreplay.  Stefano hears Kate's profession of love to Rafe.  Follow me on twitter here.  Here are today's live tweets:

Hope tries to figure out what happened to the prisoner release envelope. Nabi has a gun pulled on them by Jensen, Wilson watches.

Stefano's henchman tells him that Kate arrived at the hospital. Maxine tells Kate it's not possible for her to see Rafe.

Sami tells EJ what happened with Gabi and Hope at the SPD. Cop tells Hope that he told Ciara the envelope was important.

Ciara tells Hope that the cop is lying. Nabi give their cell phones to Jensen. Wilson follow them.

Chad is working again at the coffee house. That's twice in a year.

Chad gives Abby a helmet for her to ride his motorcycle. Cameron asks what is with the helmet.

Maxine tells Kate that Gabi put her on the list of visitors for Rafe. Sami follows EJ home to interrogate him.

Hope tells the cop to see if the footprint at Rafe's crime scene matches Jensen. Ciara spills the beans on the prisoner envelope.

If Ciara is going to keep scheming, she needs to learn to lie better.

Jensen takes Nabi to Smith Island. Nick tells Gabi that he was in prison with Jensen. Gabi faints when Jensen draws his gun.

Cameron doesn't like motorcycles. Boo.

Abby tells Cameron she thinks he's jealous.

Hope gets a call that the print matches the crime scene. Hope solves a case!

Jensen hits Nick. He asks Gabi to pick him up. Wilson keeps following.

Maxine tells Kate that not only is Rafe "good looking he's got a soul."

EJ refuses to tell Sami who he was talking to on the phone. He admits he hates Rafe, always has always will.

Henchman tells Stefano he will have access to Rafe at the hospital.

Cameron claims he's not jealous, he just doesn't want Abby on a motorcycle. He gets a call to report to the hospital.

Hope shows up at the rectory to talk to Vargas. Vargas says Jensen is scum. Jensen takes Nabi to a work shed. Gabi ties up Nick.

Jensen basically confesses he tried to kill Rafe. Wilson are around the shed. Kate talks to Rafe while holding his hand.

Stefano spies on Kate. EJ tells Sami to shut up. EJ says he's done with her. She wants him to answer if he did it. He won't say.

Chad has VIP passes for a new amusement park. Abby offers to go with him and on his bike too. She asks if it is a set up.

Kate tells Rafe not to give up. Kate begs him to come back to her. She calls Rafe her "perfect lover who gave me back my soul."

Stefano doesn't seem happy to hear Kate's declarations of love to Rafe. While arguing EJ puts Sami on the console and starts kissing her.

Vargas tells Hope that Nick knows Jensen. Jensen tells Nabi he thought Rafe was Nick when he beat him up. Rafe saw his face.

Jensen sees someone outside. He gags Nabi. He leaves, Will ungags them. He tries to untie Gabi.

Chad claims it's not a date. Kate kisses Rafe's forehead. Ejami start doing it.

Vargas tells Hope that Nick got Jensen put in solitary. Vargas says Jensen beat up Nick before and after....

Sonny leaves with Gabi. Nick wants Will to leave him there.

Does anyone else think Ejami fight on purpose as foreplay?

Sami again asks who EJ was talking to on the phone. Will tries to free Nick. Hope asks Vargas on how to find Jensen. Where's Ciara?

Jensen comes back. He asks where Gabi is. Will is hiding. Gabi's in labor.

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