Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's vomit inducing tweets

When Days of our Lives wasn't totally boring today, it was vomit inducing.  Here's my tweets:

Kristen opens her hotel room door for John. Nicole asks Eric how Rafe and Will are doing. She wants to know what she did wrong.

Johnny tells Marlena he stole something from Ciara. She wants to see it. Brady wants to go see Kristen.

JJ looks for trouble. Jenn tries to stop Brady from seeing Kristen. No one should have to watch John and Kristen.

Eric denies being mad at her. Johnny wants chocolate milk. Marlena doesn't fall for the distraction. Abe shows up.

Marlena tells Abe that Johnny doesn't know that Will was shot. Jenn tells Brady that Kristen needs some space.

Brady thinks Jenn isn't being honest with him. Kristen tells John she doesn't know what she wants.

JJ watches Dannifer and Brady. Jenn thinks that Kristen can't believe the wedding is going to happen for her.

Kristen hopes John will just go away. She's not the only one.

Kristen wants to know if John has any guilt. John shows Kristen her mother's pearls. He puts it on her. This is unbelievably creepy.

Ewww. John wants her naked with the pearls on.

Eric's freaking out over building a school or something. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Brady decides to take a walk. Jenn is going to talk to Eric. Brady tells Dannifer that Eric won't come to his wedding.

JJ watches Dannifer kiss. John apologizes to Kristen for dumping her.

Days is beyond dull today.

Jenn texts JJ on where she's going. JJ's looking for some fun. Nicole and Brady hug at the Square. Brady offers to buy her a drink.

Eric thanks Daniel for saving Will. Eric wants to talk to Jenn about the wedding. Abe tells Marlena that John sent him an odd text.

Marlena tells Abe that she and John are getting divorced. Room service breaks up an almost kiss between John and Kristen.

John gets ready to send a text to Brady to come on over to Kristen's hotel room. I hope Brady brings some brain bleach.

omg...15 more minutes of . Now would be a good time for my dish to go out.

Looks like JJ sabotaged Daniel's car. Abe gives Marlena a pep talk. Johnny hides the photo from Marlena. He tells her it's Aunt Kristen's.

Brady complains that Eric chose sides. Nicole defends Eric. Brady says, "omg."

Ewwwwwwwwwwww John and Kristen are kissing. EWWWWW EWWWWWWWWWW EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

5 more minutes until is over. Hopefully I can keep lunch down that long.

So Daniel's tires got slashed. Brady's phone drops to the ground. Brady thinks Nicole has feelings for Eric.

Finally! Johnny shows Marlena the picture of Kristen and Sy. Ewwww John and Kristen keep going at it.

Kristen's text to Brady is lying on the floor. John and Kristen go at it on top of her wedding dress.


  1. The problem is not John/Kristen kissing it is John's kissing..i can't watch John/Marlena romantic scenes because of it ah and the corny writing..ugh..did Drake always kissed like that ? How he became so easily The star romantic leading man on a soap for years..well decades with kissing like that ?!! It is beyond comprehension..This story is told from Kristen pov and that is all..and while i like a lot the Kristen character and ED portray of is not good balance and smart, interesting storytelling..with this weak and one-sided writing we can't understand John's motivation and feel for him, i prefer over all Kristen to John and always had but it is not reminds me some parts of the baby-switch few years ago when everything was told from Nicole's pov and Sami was written as passive and Ej as an idiot without any motivation, subtext for them and endless wharacter driven scenes for Nicole..sigh.

  2. I love Eileen Davidson as Kristen and agree that the storyline while likely meant to engender audience sympathy for the characters, John and Marlena is having the reverse effect. It is the Kristen character that the audience is sympathizing with judging by audience reaction online and this is because she is smart, strong, motivated, sexy, loyal and flawed. Despite her flaws, she is still sympathetic and this is likely not what the writers and NBC intend here.

    The misogynistic concept that strong, driven female characters must also somehow be Saints and above suffering from human frailties is irrational. Kristen DiMera is a strong, driven and very sexy character, and yes she is flawed! However, she has but many great redeeming qualities; she is intelligent and she is no shrinking violet but instead will go toe to toe with those who hurl insults and disrespect her and often points out the hypocrisy inherent in an adversary's statement. These are the qualities and character traits that are resonating with the audience.

    1. Which confirm that the writing is favoring Kristen, and that doesn't make a good story for the most part IMHO. All characters involved should be somewhat root worthy not just one..otherwise the story and characterisation is a one-sided failure.
      And i like Kristen but strong and loyal..ugh not sure about that with her obsessed need for revenge and little makes her entertaining and interesting to watch but loyal or even strong..i don't think so..

  3. Glad I missed the truly does seem vomit inducing and not worth the time. Theser writers took what could have been a good storyline and trashed it.