Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's "Lord Voldemort" tweets

Pretty darn good episode of Days of our Lives today.  Looks like they are setting up another "whodunit" with Stefano, jmho.  Anyway, here are today's live tweets:

Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Rafe tells Kate that she's breaking up with him over Stefano. Stefano meets with Officer Banardi to discuss Will's evidence.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Sonny tells Will that "tomorrow is going to be an amazing day." Adrienne asks why.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Gabi asks why Nick is acting so weird. EJ tells Justin he's going to destroy Stefano. Justin laughs his ass off. lol
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Rafe asks Kate what Stefano did. She denies it. Rafe's not buying it. Justin is in a giggle fit. EJ wants to take down Steffie summertime
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
The cop tells Stefano no. The cop says he'll try. Stefano doesn't want the evidence destroyed, he wants it intact.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 56m
Nick tells Gabi that he trashed the room looking for his flash drive. Nick wants to go out with her and talk.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 54m
Sonny tells Adrienne that things are going to work out. EJ tells Justin that he could be "THE Kiriakis to take down Stefano".
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 53m
The cop agrees to give the evidence to Stefano. Sami overhears the entire conversation.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 49m
Kate still insists that their relationship is too serious.She says he's a distraction. He says she likes it when he's distracting her.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 47m
Sami walks into the coffee house with Adrienne and Wilson. Sami thanks Adrienne. They decide to bury the hatchet. Will's stunned.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 47m
Adrienne spies Sami's engagement ring. Oh, she's not happy.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 46m
EJ tells Justin that he will never get over Stefano disowning him. EJ confirms that there's nothing illegal for Justin to do.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 40m
Adrienne apologizes to Sami for insulting her engagement. That was a quick truce. Sami/Adrienne are back zinging each other.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 40m
Adrienne refers to EJ as "Lord Voldemort". lol
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 39m
Adrienne calls Justin. Justin wants to eat at home. He's reading through the documents EJ gave him. He's smiling like a butcher's dog.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 38m
Nick calls Sami and asks to give it back. She hangs up on him. She still has the money in her briefcase.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 36m
Kate's tearing up. Rafe wants to be friends. He leaves. Kate says, "damn you Stefano."
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 33m
Rafe tells Will that Kate broke up with him. Rafe wants to know what happened with Will and Nick.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 32m
Gabi is eating frozen yogurt and tamales.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 30m
Finally we get a Justin/Adrienne scene. That must be some evidence EJ gave him, because it's working like Viagra on him. lol
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 30m
Sami starts kissing EJ at the DiMansion.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 24m
Again, Gabi asks Nick what is wrong. He was just complimenting her. Rafe tells Wilson that Gabi hasn't been happy lately.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 23m
Rafe asks Will if his signing his rights away has to do with what Sami was up to. Will doesn't answer.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 23m
Kate calls Stefano to say that her relationship is over. He says, "what makes you think that I care?" She hangs up.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 21m
EJami in bed, Sami squeals on Stefano to EJ.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 16m
Rafe remembers Kate trying to sneak out of bed. Kate thinks about Rate sex. Sonny's still happy, Will's worried about jinxing it.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 15m
Gabi talks about her cravings. Nick will clean up his mess. Nick gets a text from Vargas about his money.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 14m
Adrienne gossips about Ejami to Justin, Justin's in another world. She wants to know what he's thinking about.

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