Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's "I think you are an idiot" tweets

A lot of idiots running around Salem today on Days of our Lives.  Johnny outsmarts Ciara.  Gabi and Sami get a clue.  Follow me on twitter here.

Ciara digs out the envelop with a pic of Kristen and Sy. I bet she knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

Brady asks Marlena what is wrong. She asks if he can fix it? She's pissed. Eric tries to interfere.

Ciara! RT Fill in the blank: ______ attacked Rafe.

Vargas sneaks up on Nick. Nick gives him a duffel bag. Hope asks Gabi about the phone call EJ got. Sami tries to cover his ass.

EJ asks a nurse about Rafe's condition. He pulls the "board of directors" card. No change, he's still in a coma.

.EJ sees Jensen at the hospital

Nicole asks Ciara what she has. Ciara gives her a sarcastic response that it's private. Caroline shows up with Johnny.

Gabi makes a good point that EJ attacks Rafe whenever Rafe tries to protect a woman. EJ follows Jensen.

Vargas tries to give Nick a commission on the money he invested. Nick refuses. Vargas wants Nick to invest again for him.

Caroline asks Nicole about Rafe. Nic discusses how wonderful Eric is. Marlena discusses her marriage to Eric and Brady.

Marlena tells Brady that he's about to make the biggest mistake of his life.

Sonny thinks Nick is guilty, and his alibi is faked. EJ says hello to Nick at the hospital. Gabi blames herself for asking for a muffin.

Hope says they didn't find a muffin at the scene. Gabi flashes back to Nick giving her her muffin. She leaves in a huff.

Marlena tries 2 tell Brady that what John has done for him is out of love 4 him. Brady thinks John is jealous. Eric thinks he's nuts.

Brady tells Marlena to give up on John. Eric tells Brady to not attack Marlena. Eric says, "I think you are an idiot." lmfao!

Caroline says that Sami is an idiot to Nicole. Caroline says Nicole is lucky she is not in love with Eric.

Kristen flashes back to miscarrying John's baby. John caresses Kristen's arm tells her, "Brady doesn't have to know."

Hope tells Sami that she's delusional. Tells her to keep her kids safe.

After Nick and EJ compete on whose family did the most for the hospital, they whip out a tape measure and..............................

Brady asks Eric to come to his wedding. Eric won't betray his mom. He leaves. Nicole comes to talk to Brady.

Nicole gives Brady his wedding gift. Nicole tells him to not to be worried about the wedding because it's not going to be a big one.

Brady leaves without his gift. Johnny wants to see what is in Ciara's envelope. Johnny pulls a "squirrel" and tries to take it from her.

Kristen tells John that nothing is going to stop her from marrying Brady.

Gabi asks Nick about the muffin bag. Gabi is starting to figure things out. He asks her if she thinks he attacked Rafe.

Wilson shows up at the hospital. Nick wants to talk to Gabi alone. Jensen throws the flowers in the trash.

Nicole tells Eric how much Caroline likes him. She asks if he's going to the wedding. He's not.

John finds something Kristen dropped. Johnny's laughing at his stunt. Brady comes home to the DiMansion.

Kristen drops a receipt to the Salem Inn. John wonders if she did it on purpose. Nothing good happens at the Salem Inn.

Kristen tells Brady maybe J&M will reunite after they marry. Wilson decide to follow Nabi.

Jensen says hello to Nick. Gabi tells Nick that Rafe would only cut through the alley after he got her muffin.

Sami flashes back to EJ's past lies to her.

Sami asks EJ if he had something to do with Rafe's attack. Jensen pulls a gun on Nabi.

Hope drags Ciara back to the SPD. Hope gets a call about a prisoner release. Johnny has the Kristen/Sy pic.

Brady has to go. Kristen doesn't want J&M to reunite. John is ready to break up Bristen.

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