Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday's "doing this since before you were born" tweets

Today's Days of our Lives episode suffered from overzealous editing. I don't see the point of these five second scenes.  But the Dannifer scenes unfortunately were not edited like that.  Here are today's live tweets:

Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Nick is still having flashbacks about Vargas. Will asks him what is going on. Nick denies anything is wrong.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Sami and John meet at the Pub. John says he's glad she's at the DiMansion.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Sy, who now has the last name of Miller, has an appointment with Marlena today.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Brady leaves Kristen at the Sq. Sy tells her he has something she wants to see.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Kate asks Chloe about her airline ticket. Jenn tells Daniel that he is not Jack. Daniel doesn't buy her crap.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
John wants Sami to spy on Bristen for him. Kristen asks Sy to follow her so they can settle their issue once and for all.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Chloe tells Kate that she got a ticket to go to NYC. Kate doesn't buy it.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 58m
Abby and Sonny at the coffee shop. Kate Mansi is having another fabulous hair day.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 57m
Nick tells Will that he's stressed. Nick tells Will he's sorry he called Sonny a "faggot."
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 56m
Kristen busts Sy on his fake daughter being ill story. He hands her an envelope.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 55m
Brady walks in on Sami and John at the Pub. Then Marlena walks in.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 53m
Chloe cuts Kate off from Parker again. Jenn looks at a photo of J&J. Jenn tells him that Jack is between them. She wants to end it.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 48m
Abby overhears Nick and Will discussing Nick needing to apologize to Sonny.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 48m
John won't let Brady and Sami bail out of the Pub. Kristen won't look inside the envelope.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 46m
Anne decides to go to Jenn's. Jenn tells Daniel she felt lonely inside after having sex with him. lol
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 42m
How long are they going to drag out the latest Dannifer break up?
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 39m
Nick leaves Abby and Will. Will kisses Abby on the cheek telling her he hopes everything works out.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 38m
Sy leaves. Kristen takes out the envelope. Scenes are all too short today except Dannifer.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 34m
Jenn finally tries to get Daniel to leave. Abby shows up. He finally leaves. Anne calls Chloe to give her the news.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 33m
Marlena tells John she will not give up on Jarlena and Brady. Sami tells Brady that John asked her to spy on Kristen.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 32m
Sami tells Brady she turned down John. Kristen looks in the envelope. She tries to call Sy, but deleted his number.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 31m
Kate tells Nick to not try to "con someone who has been doing this since before you were born."
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 31m
Will updates Sonny on his conversation with Nick. Sonny tells Will he has a secret to tell him.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 30m
Daniel shows up at his place looking for Chloe, who walks through the door. Dan thinks Chloe did something to cause the Dannifer break up.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 25m
Kate asks how and why Nick got Gabi to agree for Will to lose his parental rights.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 24m
Jenn tells Abby she broke Dan's heart. Dan accuses Chloe of knowing exactly what happened with Jenn.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 20m
Kate tells Nick she will uncover his secret. Man, she's fierce!
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 20m
So Sonny decides to drop the bomb on Will, but not tell him what Gabi did last summer?
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 19m
I feel bad for Abby that her mom's love life is always the topic of conversation and not her own.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 18m
How many times will Jenn and Daniel get the same advice from people, "if you just talk to him/her..."
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 18m
Brady thinks J&M need to give up trying to break up Bristen. Sy wants to talk to Marlena now, not at his appointment. Kristens sees.

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