Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday's "when I screw up, I screw up big time" tweets

Jenn gets her job back.  Ciara's got juicy gossip.  Nicole gets her job back.  John's still being a douche.  Dan wants to be a stripper. lol Here are today's Days of our Lives live tweets:

Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Oh no. Dannifer in bed. Dan thinks about resigning from the hospital. I knew it! Dan wants to be a stripper.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Vargas asks Eric if they are cool. Nicole's hair looks awful. She thinks about calling Eric. John again is sitting around drinking coffee.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Brady spies the baseball shirt on the desk at the DiMansion. He's jealous. Again, Ciara looks at the pic of Kristen and Sy at the Sq.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Ciara wants to ask Hope a question about Bristen. Eric tells Vargas he's still employed, but not cool. Nicole calls Eric.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Brady asks Kristen why she hasn't gotten rid of the shirt already. She says John wasn't manipulative back then. Yeah he was.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 55m
Dan wants to go to the hospital with Jenn to help try to get her job back. Nicole calls to ask when she can pick up her stuff at work.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 54m
Brady tells Kristen he thinks John has feelings for her. He thinks John doesn't want Kristen to move on.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 53m
Ciara tells Hope she knows something about Kristen. I think she knows that Kristen has the world's biggest bump it in her hair.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 49m
Nicole orders coffee at the Pub. Vargas shows up. He leaves. Abe asks her what is going on. Hope gives Ciara a lecture on gossip.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 47m
Bristen make up, Brady leaves the mansion. Kristen calls John. She tells him to met her at her office.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 41m
Nicole tells Abe that it is none of his business. He apologizes for butting into her personal life. She wants his advice.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 41m
Dannifer show up at the rectory.Jenn asks Eric 2 have Nicole call her so she can thank her.Nic tells Abe she never got over her mom's death.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 39m
Abe says he holds on for Theo's sake. He tells Nicole that her mom used to say Nicole was always trying to control things.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 37m
"Bo" calls Hope. Bo tells her he's not coming home, then hangs up. Kristen tells John that his meddling ends today.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 32m
Daniel sings Nicole's praises to Eric. Jenn explains to Mr. Burns why she quit the hospital. She gets her job back of course.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 31m
How many people do you know that said, "when I screw up, I screw up big time," during a job interview and still got the job?
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 31m
Anne isn't happy that Jenn got her job back. Nicole goes back to the rectory. Kristen tells John to take the shirt back.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 30m
John is calling Kristen, "Kristy." Boy is John being a douche. Ciara flips out when she finds out Bo isn't coming home. Brady calms her.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 22m
Maxine tells off Anne. Maxine is hilarious. Jenn wants to start over with Anne. Eric tells Nicole he doesn't want her to quit.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 20m
Hope admits that Ciara has had to put up with Bope leaving her. Brady tells Ciara that her parents hate leaving her too.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 19m
Ciara asks Brady about his relationship with his dad.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 15m
Jenn tells Parker and Daniel at the KiMansion that she got her job back. Parker says he did it. lol
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 13m
Ciara teases Brady about Kristen. She tells him that she knows something about his girlfriend.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 13m
Kristen tells John to take his jersey back. He grabs her arms. He gives her the eyebrow, she gives him the eyebrow back. lol Not sexy!

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