Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's "Apollo" tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives was quite funny today.  Cameron/Abby/Chad actually were the highlight.  Here are today's live tweets:

Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Chloe tells Daniel not to shut her out. He kisses her of course. Cameron strips dressed as a boxer while Abby watches.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
The look on Abby's face is priceless when Cameron strips down to golden boxer briefs.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Kristen has a box of pictures of her & John that she gives to him at his hotel room. Hope shows up at Jenn's to get the latest gossip
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 59m
Hope heard everything from Maxine. Hope thinks something is wrong with Jenn. Dan is on top of Chloe then stops.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 55m
Eric tells Nicole he has transfer papers from the bishop to move him to another church. He might be moved to St. Louis. Nic tears them up.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 53m
Kristen asks John what he was thinking when he was sporting a mullet. lol She leaves his hotel room.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 53m
Dan doesn't want to use Chloe to get over Jenn. I don't think Chloe would have a problem with that.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 51m
Jenn's totally lying to Hope now. Abby's jaw is still on the floor watching Cameron shake his money maker. He sees her.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 47m
Chad's laughing at Cameron's stripping. Chad's got some great jokes. The bouncer stops Abby from leaving.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 46m
Eric says he'll miss discussing theology with Nicole because she has a "unique point of view." lol
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 45m
Nicole blames Eric's transfer on Kristen. Kristen overhears some nurses gossiping about the Dannifer break up.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 44m
Chloe leaves Daniel's with her clothes still on. She calls Nancy and tells her to bring back Parker. Kristen shows up at Jenn's.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 38m
Chabby explain to Cameron why they followed him there. Abby calls Cameron "Apollo." lol
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 37m
Kristen mentioned Peter! She's bashing Jack. Jenn asks if John is ensconced in Kristen's heart. Daniel's drinking.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 36m
Maggie shows up at Daniel's of course. She apologizes for Jenn's treatment of him. They hug.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 35m
Don't you hate it when you are eating something, miss your mouth, and it ends up in your bra? lol
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 29m
Chad asks Cameron about the gun they saw him with. Eric tells Nicole she'll go on with her life without him. He asks her for a favor.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 28m
Maggie warns Dan about drinking. She says she wants nothing to do with Jenn.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 27m
Jenn says to Kristen, "even if you are pretending to be my friend, please leave." Kristen admits she didn't get along with Jack.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 27m
Jenn asks God to "give her a break" when her doorbell rings. Chloe shows up. God has a funny sense of humor.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 21m
Eric wants Nicole to give Vargas some slack. Cameron says the gun was a prop. He needs $ for student loans and Celeste.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 20m
In case you are wondering, no Cameron did not go "Full Monty."
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 20m
Chloe tells Jenn that Parker is coming back. Chloe takes Parker's toy from Jenn and leaves.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 17m
Daniel says he doesn't feel sorry for Maggie ripping Jenn. Kristen goes back to the DiMansion. She's talking to the roses. lol
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 17m
John's trying to figure out why Kristen gave him pics. Kristen crumbles Brady's card with the roses.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 13m
Nicole thinks God helped her with her Eric crush by transferring him. She prays for him to stay. Eric's staying. Clerical error.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 10m
Cameron's dressed as a cop now. John has Kristen flashbacks. He kicks the photos into the trash can. She burns their pic.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 10m
Dan and Jenn see each other at the Square. He leaves.

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