Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday "I'm choking on how nice I will be" tweets

Caroline likes male strippers.  Who knew?  Here are my Days of our Lives live tweets:
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Daniel challenges Chloe to tell him she can move Parker to a foreign country and cut Daniel out of his life.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Abby spies Anne at Cameron's strip club. Abby wants to stop Cameron from stripping. Vargas celebrates his first paycheck.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Vargas invites Nicole out. Wilson at the coffee shop, Nick wants to apologize to Sonny for using a slur against him. Sonny accepts.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
Nick wants to talk to Will about his family pressing Gabi again. Ejami see Nick and Will. Chloe threatens to take Parker.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 1h
EJ tries to stop Sami from making things worse. Nick tells Will what Kate did. Sami says, "I'm choking on how nice I will be."
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 57m
o.m.g. Caroline is at the strip club. She's got a fist full of one dollar bills.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 55m
Vargas and Nicole are drinking at the Pub. Nic introduces Gabi to Vargas, Nick walks in.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 53m
Chloe asks Dan how she can forgive Nicole and Jennifer and not her. Danloe talk about Chloe's affair with Philip.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 51m
Dan tells Chloe she wrecked her own life. Chloe threatens to destroy Daniel if he gets between her and Parker.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 45m
Anne tells Abby she took on Jenn's job. Vargas tells everyone he met Nick in prison. Sonny wants to know what Stefano will want from them.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 44m
Dan says Danloe reuniting is "living a lie."
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 38m
Abby shoves money down a stripper's boxer shorts and tries to run backstage but the stripper starts dancing with her.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 37m
Chad tries to distract Anne from Abby being on stage by getting shots for her. Vargas tells Nick he's a "real inspiration."
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 37m
EJ tells Wilson about how he never got to hold his stillborn son. He doesn't want Will to go through that.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 34m
Sami tells Wilson to not let Nick know how angry they are so they can blindside him. Chloe decides not to keep Dan from Parker.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 30m
Abby finally gets backstage. Cameron starts dancing. Anne passed out. But Great grandma Caroline is still sober.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 28m
Gabi asks Nick how well he knows Vargas. Both he and Vargas deny how well they know each other.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 21m
EJ tells Sami he does want to marry her. Vargas gives Nicole a dessert at the church. Chad is going to drive Anne home.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 20m
Half conscious Anne yells, "who turned the lights out?" lol
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL 14m
Ejami kissing in bed. Nicole eats the messy dessert. Nabi dance. Nice musical montage.

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