Friday, April 26, 2013

Days promo for April 29th

Here is the Days of our Lives promo for the week of April 29th:

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  1. lol i like this promo..if it was really old school Sami it would be clash of Titans (once upon a time Stefano was even impressed of devilish teenager Sami and pressed Kristen to be more like Samster..) But Sami has 'matured' (although since maybe a year she is more her scheming self and not the Carrie wannabee this show tried to shove down our throats..thankfully still she is not the vicious and slick schemer she was back in the day) so now i don't know..let's hope she can hold her own face to Stefano (who has also mellow these last years..), i want a fair and balanced battle please !