Saturday, March 16, 2013

Eric Martsolf clip about Brady Black

Brady Black from Days of our Lives is the March character of the month. His portrayer, Eric Martsolf, tells us about Brady's love life both past and present.


  1. Cool but why he doesn't talk about Nicole ?! Really weird..Bricole was a great deal in Brady's life whereas his story with Chloe was almost inexistant since Eric Martsolf took the role..Maybe they don't want to 'tarnish' the starcrossed lovers story with Nicole and Eric but still it is really weird..
    Anyway i enjoy Brady/Kristen story but i hope there is more to this story than a Kristen using Brady for revenge and a clueless Brady (Brady could go with the ride while BTS being aware of Kristen's plot and Kristen could be torned and having feelings for hot Brady despite much more layered and interesting story imo).

  2. I totally missed it that he didn't talk about Nicole. Well, that was mostly Kyle Lowder's Brady.

    1. Come on since 2009 Brady is the 'go to guy' to Nicole, her savior, enabler whatever you want to call it but major story between them and THAT was/is portrayed by Eric Martsolf, the love story with Chloe was only Kyle Lowder's Brady.

    2. The first Bricole was Ari/Kyle while Nicole was married to Victor. Yeah, there was some Bricole with Eric, but mostly Nicole wanted EJ most of the time. Brady mostly was her bff at the time. Yeah, Eric should have mentioned Nicole. Eric has more of a history with Nicole than Chloe.

      Yes, Broe was Kyle's. Broe was divorced when Eric took the role.

    3. Well maybe she wanted Ej most of the time but between her Ej breaks she was with and wanted Brady (well even when while with Ej, remember the baby switch story who did last something like two years when she spend most of her time begging help from Brady when she was not in push-over mob wife mode with Ej) played by Eric Martsolf. She even framed one of Brady's lovers Arianna in order to get Brady !
      Anyway we kind of agree Nicole was an important element in Brady Black's story, love story and Eric here did not mention her which is weird.

    4. Eric tweeted that Nicole/Ari was edited out of the clip.