Friday, March 1, 2013

Diva interviews Meredith Scott Lynn

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Days of our Lives actress, Meredith Scott Lynn.  Meredith portrays Anne Milbauer on the show.  You can listen to the interview here.

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  1. I really think that if they can make her little more pretty and so they can bring Jack/Matthew Ashford hook these two up that would give Jennifer run for her money see that Jack can love someone else not just her and she stuck with saint Daniel and Chloe. Jennifer never mourn for Jack either I bet that if Anne and Jack hooked up Anne can really make Jennifer turn green with envy and making Daniel the lap dog would be riot.

    1. Oh please i love and i mean flove LOVE love Jack Deveraux, but this vendetta from some bitter fans against the Jennifer character because Jack is dead and TPTB (not Melissa Reeves by the way) want to write a corny romance between Jennifer and Daniel is petty, childish and silly.
      I find Jenn and Daniel kind of boring (but i saw worse and sometimes they have a cute chemistry in a rom-com way..i said, the writing is so corny and Daniel so propped in this story but please Jen is not some devil, get over it. Chloe and before Nicole are not awesome just because you are not over Jen's moving on, they still are despicable and nasty towards her. Nicole just framed Jen for a murder of a soon to be child but whatever it seem ok for some..eyeroll.
      These writers (blame them, not the characters or the actors) chose to kill the Jack's character (big mistake in my book, because Jack is one of the most interesting, layered character Days ever had with or without Jennifer) therefore Jen has the right to move on, she will not stay a nun for the rest of her life just because TPTB are stupid. That being said Jen should have a more interesting love-interest the Jack's issue aside (Peter, anyone, recast not big deal).
      Jen is a major character, an Horton, someone who can play an heroine (when writing is fair and alright) without being unbearable, she needs to stay on the show but with a better storyline, the trashing of her character by some bitter online fans is pathetic. I don't mind Anne, at least she gives some spunk to this otherwise boring angsty story between Jen and Dan but her 'hatred' and motivation is pretty shallow and so much a plot point to be really interesting, at least her scenes of confrontation with Jen can be fun because it manage to get some spark from Jen/MS but it is not 'must see tv' just a shallow plot point character.