Thursday, March 7, 2013

Diva interviews Blake Berris!

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Days of our Lives actor, Blake Berris (Nick Fallon) who was in Washington, DC for the Independent Film Festival to promote his movie, "Meth Head."
You can listen to the interview here.

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Here's a previous interview with Blake from September 26, 2012:

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An hour long interview with Blake from June 5, 2012:

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  1. Wow it was a really short interview, let's hope you will be able to make a longer interview with him next time. And let's hope it will be soon, he is one of the actors i really want to hear to talk about his character. Because Nick is on fire (and BB's acting too by the way) right now, he is THE character who drive the most successful story that Days has right now, a really interesting umbrella story that Days was not able to write for years. Of course he is not the only one with powerhouses characters like Will, Sami, Ej, Lucas, Kate ect.. involved but he is certainly the center of it with Chandler Massey as Will. And he literally drive the story.
    Now i hope they don't evolve this story with a 'jail rape' twist as some explanation to Nick's actions, it would be just so cheap and simplistic and maybe a little offensive for the complex psyche concerning homophobia..but with these writers while they do quite a good job right now (well not too much with Will written as some weak passive character) i don't trust them and know that most of the time their writing can be awful and wait and see for me. I am not against a redemption writing for Nick, on the contrary; Blake can pull it off no problem but to whitewash everything with a poor explanation, victimisation no thanks..And while i am not keen on a rape story like i said if it is really well-written with scenes of deep insight in Nick's mind via maybe some Marlena sessions and.. still it will get boring very quickly so i don't know maybe it could work if writers surpass themselves there is lot's of more other actions, twists, suprise along the road..Anyway above all i want Nick to keep his edge no matter what, he has to stay quite wicked redemption or not. The flaws, major flaws are what make his character great and interesting (i am sure the actor would agree with me on this) so no to a 'perfect good guy Nick' or even a lovable awkward nerd Nick (like he was years ago) come would just not be believable at all anyway..Keep Nick on the canvas Days (he is one of the most layered and interesting character on Days right now played by a talented actor) but continue to write him complex please.
    And thank you Diva for this interview. I am looking forward to listen to BB interviews now. And good luck for his movie, seems to do quite well in festivals.

    1. Thanks!

      I added two other interviews we did with Blake.