Saturday, March 9, 2013

Days promo pics for the week of March 11th

Here are the Days of our Lives promo pics for the week of March 11th.


  1. the only wedding I want to see on DAYS is Sami
    and EJ. What a gorgeous couple they will make.

    1. It is too soon for Ej and Sami to be married, TPTB need to give them a REAL relationship for once, deep rooted before any commitments like wedding bla bla bla, soap characters get married every 5 seconds it is get old and really cheapen the act imo.
      Moreover Gaby and Nick's wedding is totally right for the moment in the storyline, it allow another movement in the story therefore it is more interesting than any other weddings (except maybe Bristen..for the story too although i really enjoy Bristen as a couple too..well show should calm down with the sex scenes for these two however, sometimes it is like it is all they do and it become boring..please don't make them becoming another Bradison boring mess..please please) whether you like them or not (for the record i like Nick and love to hate him and can't stand dull Gaby).

  2. I thought I was the only one who didn't like Dannifer. Boring, boring, boring... I'm glad that insanely gorgeous & crazy Chloe came back to town to stir up trouble. I like her Mother already, too. Daniel is as interesting as watching paint dry. Give Chloe someone interesting.

    I'm just loving Rafe & Kate (Rate). That was brilliant. I didn't see that one coming, either. I like when they throw a good curve ball like that!

    I agree about Nick: dark character I love to hate (or hate to love?).

    I'm glad Stefano is finally back in Salem.

    Victor is so funny! I always want to see more of him.