Monday, February 4, 2013

TV Source Magazine reveals Days secret hookup

On twitter, the TV Source contributors announced that Rafe and Kate will hook up next week.  They first found out about this secret hook up in November and posted it then here.

So...that hook up we mentioned back in November...that *SHOCKING* tryst? It's Rafe and Kate. Discuss...

At first, I was shocked and against this pairing, but the soapy fall out could be amazing.  Sami is going to flip out.  It could be very interesting.  Your thoughts?


  1. It is funny but it is not the first time Kate sex up one of Sami's lovers..and she always had some inapropriate chemistry with her beloved son
    As for Rafe so much for shaming Sami about all her mistakes, flaws when the next time he's up he get it on with Kate the scheming queen herself..funny.

  2. Kate also slept with EJ back in the is nothing new for Kate...Men are toys for her & nothing more...

    I think the writers are grasping at straws and trying anything and everything to make some storyline work for Galen Gerring...but saddly, trying to make "Rafe" happen is a no-win situation...

    Rafe is boring and a good-two shoes. Unless the writers show some of Rafe's flaws, Galen Gerring's Rafe will continue to be a wimpy, boring guy. Does Rafe have a past? Who are his parents? Have him seduce a real replacement for Sami Brady and have him move in a different direction! As it stands now, either radically re-draw this character or send him packing. As it stands now, he is super irritating...