Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday's "seal the deal" tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, everyone is waking up in bed together.  Then they leave to brag about being in bed.  Here are today's live tweets:

Johnny and Rafe at the Pub. Rafe says hello to Caroline. Johnny steals bacon from Rafe. lol

Johnny tells Rafe that he had a sleep over because his mom was busy last night. Ejami still in bed. EJ says he's lucky.

Abby and Jenn at their house. Jenn doesn't want to talk about Chloe. Cameron shows up with flowers. My son asks, "Who died?" lmfao

Gabi and Nick kissing on her bed. Shouldn't they find their own place instead of living with Will's grandma?

Kristen brings up marriage to Brady in bed. Brady's shocked when she says she's not joking.

Rafe tries to get info out of Johnny on what Sami was up 2 last nite. Johnny tells Rafe that Sami said he will B spending more time w Rafe

Sami asks if Ej is ready to "seal the deal" again. And he is.

Cameron and Abby are going on a breakfast date. Jenn pretends the flowers are for her. Abby says she will not rush into anything.

Rafe asks Caroline if it is hard on her watching the kids. Allie was not at the sleepover she was with Lucas.

EJ says sometimes it feels like they have been together forever. Sami wants to wait to tell ppl they are back together.

Sami's concerned how people are going to react to Ejami being back together.

Brady doesn't want to get married because people will think they are trying to stick it to J&M.

Gabi notices Nick's scar on his back.

Abby wants to tell Cameron something before they order. Cameron says he knows what it is.

Caroline tries to get Rafe to reconcile with Sami.

Nick doesn't want to talk about his scar. He's going to meet with his parole officer.

All of a sudden, Sami and Brady care about how their families think about their love lives?

Ejami starts fighting about Kristen.

So Jenn is the one writing letters for Nick's parole officer.

Gabi joins Rafe for breakfast. Gabi doesn't want to get into the way of Safe. Rafe says there is no Safe.

EJ and Kristen meet at Common Grounds. He tells her that Ejami are back. I love EJ's shirt.

Sami gets after Brady about Kristen. Sami tells him Safe is over. Brady calls her "an idiot." Sami spills the beans about Ejami.

Brady tells Sami that she "has lost her freakin mind."

Cameron and Abby decide they will see what happens with their relationship. Whatever

Nick tells Jenn that the baby is a girl.

Jenn is concerned that things for Nick are moving so quickly.

Nick asks Jenn to not tell Gabi that he was attacked in prison a year ago.

LOL Kristen impersonates EJ saying, "Samantha."

Sami tells Brady that Bristen is "disgusting." Brady reminds her of Rafe2.

My son asks if Sami's drunk. lol

Gabi doesn't want to be responsible for breaking up Safe. Gabi understands why Sami is mad at her.

EJ is kind of afraid of Stefano and Marlena's reaction to Ejami.

Sami asks Brady to keep mum about Ejami. He agrees.

Cameron and Abby decide to go on another date. Thank goodness the anticipation was killing me. Not.

Oh, so Nick was a snitch in prison.

So Bristen tell each other about Ejami. Kristen says she feels bad for Marlena. lol

Johnny tells EJ that he looks very happy today. Sami sees Rafe, he attempts to walk away.

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