Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lead actor and supporting actor pre-noms

Michael Muhney from the Young and the Restless tweeted the Lead actor and supporting actor pre-nominations for the Daytime Emmy awards:

I honestly don't see Galen Gering getting a nomination in Lead.  In Supporting, I can see James Reynolds and Blake Berris having a good chance.  Shawn Christian is a lead, not supporting.  I'm curious what Bryan Dattilo submitted before I make a comment.  I honestly can't think of anything Emmy worthy for Bryan because he's hardly on the show.

Any thoughts?


  1. I don't get why JS did not submit himself, i mean he had a great year with Lexie's passing, Stefano murder plot, his budding/blackmailing relationship with Will, his run and disaster reunion with Sami ect..even the soap press gave him praise..he was one of the few from Days who could have a nom..i don't get it..maybe he doesn't care or doesn't believe in Emmy's seems to be above all about politics BTS..
    I enjoy Joe Mascolo as Stefano but he is not a lead. I don't see lot's of nom for Days with this list, Blake Berris and maybe James Reynolds have their chances as supporting, the others not so much imo.


  2. James Scott is the much better actor compared to all of those on that list..James Scott is a very talented man and is the only actor on Days worthy of the lead nomination...

    Sorry to see his name missing from that list...