Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday's "Scooby Doo" tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives was worth watching just to see Nicole and Kristen fight.  Dannifer had an emotional heart to heart, which Chloe later ignores.  Here are today's live tweets:

Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Eric calls Brady, wants to see him at the rectory.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Nicole tells Kristen that Brady is "sadly stupid" when it comes to women.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
More Kristen v Nicole please!
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
According to Jenn, Daniel can do a good "Scooby Doo" impersonation. Who knew?
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Kristen tells Nicole she is interfering with Bristen because she's bored.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Kristen stops Nicole from slapping her. Dammit! lol
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Kristen threatens Nic, and tells her to leave. Nicole attacks her. Brady pulls Nic off of Kristen.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Hope tells Jenn she doesn't think Chloe is evil, that she's weak.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Daniel asks if deep down Chloe still wants them back together. She says, "of course there is."
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Brady tells Kristen to cut Nicole some slack.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Kristen tries to talk Brady into staying away from Nicole. Brady accuses her of being jealous.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Nicole goes through Eric's files on Kristen and Brady at the church.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Hope wants Jenn to fight fire with fire when it comes to Chloe.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Chloe's been celibate since she left town. Who knew?
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Chloe recounts her sins, then her Danloe memories, and how she concentrated on motherhood since leaving town.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Kristen gives Brady her hotel room key which is odd since he got in earlier because the door was unlocked.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Nicole volunteers to run an errand regarding Kristen for Eric. Eric's family problems are giving him a headache. Get used to it!
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Hope tells Jenn to do more romantic dates. Hope's advice for Marlena a few weeks ago didn't work out so well.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Daniel doesn't think Danloe can reunite because they hurt each other in the past, but wants to forgive.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Daniel leaves Chloe at his place since Parker is asleep. He asks her to leave when the baby wakes up.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
After Danloe's heart to heart talk, Chloe is still determined to win him back.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Ciara sighting! Eric tells Hope the J&M gossip.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Kristen tries to talk herself into thinking that Brady is just a means to an end while remembering him giving her a bracelet.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Kristen and Marlena run into each other. Jenn texts Daniel, Chloe reads it.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Chloe spreads peanut butter on herself. She must have learned that trick while hooking.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Nicole shows up at Victor's where Brady is. Nicole asks for tea saying she has a headache.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Nicole goes on Brady's laptop, downloads some files onto her usb drive.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Eric is shocked that Kristen succeeded in breaking up J&M considering they knew her history. John's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Kristen tells Marlena that she loves Brady and hopes to be with him a very, very long time.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Jenn shows up at Daniel's. Chloe opens the door freshly showered wearing Daniel's shirt.
Diva of DOOL Carrie @DivaofDOOL
Daniel asks Nicole while she's at the KMansion. She says she's there to see Brady, he doesn't believe her.


  1. First i am so over the Nicole character.
    She should mind HER OWN BUSINESS, Kristen is right : she has NO LIFE, pathetic.
    Secondly bloggers and some posters always blame Sami for being an hypocrite..hello what about Nicole ?! Seriously, it is so frustrating..
    And Kristen was too kind to her : Nicole is not Brady's loyal friend at all, remember when she let Ej and Stefano beat him up before her so 'awesome' wedding to Ej the first time..dumped him again and again for Ej (who just used her) or for a child (Sydney) she kidnapped twice who by the way was Brady's kind of sister's child but yeah she is a loyal friend..whatever..eyeroll.
    Brady again making excuses for her, she had miscarriages yep it is awful but lot's of women get through it, some women has much more awful traumatic BS happening to the 'poor poor Nicole who had an awful life' from the writers i don't buy it, actually i am totally over it.
    Team Kristen all the way !

  2. Nicole never once claimed she was a saint. When Sami's attacking Gabi for lying about the paternity of her baby when Sami did the same thing several times, that makes her a hypocrite.

    Brady and Sami are step siblings. And Sami was keeping Sydney away from EJ, the baby's daddy. Oh, and Sami tried to give away her own sister, Belle, as a baby.

    Nicole's actually trying to do a good thing. She's trying to get Brady away from Kristen, who is just using him because he's losing his whole family because of her. I have been enjoying Kristen.

    I like Nicole because Ari is a phenomenal actress. She makes me care for Nicole no matter what crazy things she does.

    Sami has played the "awful childhood" card as many times as Nicole has. They are two of a kind. Sami gets selective amnesia and forgets she has done the same thing she accuses others of doing. I can't remember Nicole doing that, but she probably has a time or to. If she did, I would call her out on it too.

    1. Nicole played the 'awful childhood' multitude of times..example : with Brady when she wanted him to get along with her with the fake pregnancy, she even talked again and again on 'how she deserves a baby, a happiness, a family, Ej's baby unlike Sami' ect..and it is just an example, there are a lot others if you want them i will give them to you, no problem.

      Sami has played the 'awful childhood' above all when in confrontation with specific people who are the first involved in her childhood : Marlena and John.
      Nicole did it with Ej, Brady, Daniel ect.. in order to get these people to feel sorry for her, in order to get a hold on these guys.

      The Sami was keeping Sydney away from Ej, the baby's daddy argument is totally moot and hypocritical when you talk about Nicole : Nicole just few months ago kept a child from Ej and while Sami kept a child from Ej few years ago Nicole let at the same time the same guy mourned a child for peanuts then kidnapped the child, told to the same father on the phone that he will never see the child again.

      As for Sami having selective amnesia..not so much just last week she told to her son Will that she made lot's of mistakes, she get called out about her mistakes, her past almost daily by other characters in Salem. On the other hand people feel sorry for 'poor Nicole' Daniel and Jennifer just forgave her for trying everything to split them up and above all to try to frame Jennifer for a murder. Brady always makes excuses for her like he again did today, Eric has no problem giving a job, a roof, being her friend, Chloe is now her BFF whereas she tried to disfigure her hep even Ej did not seek revenge against her whereas he should have.. (if he had been in character)

      The actress playing Nicole is ok but she doesn't make me care about her character in the least, to see this character getting a pass again and again just annoys me but that is subjective, it is a matter of tastes.

    2. I should add more than once Nicole threw in Sami's face that she kept Sydney away from Ej when she Nicole let Ej mourned Grace then let him think Sydney was not his child then kidnapped Sydney and finally she herself kept a potential child away from Ej, lying about Rafe (the guy who already kept a child from Ej with Sami remember ?) being the baby father, let him think Jen was responsible of the miscarriage, tried to frame him for his father's murder (who is not dead finally, lol) in order to keep him away from the potential child, tried emotional blackmail on him demanding to left all his family for her (aka his children) while still lying to him about her pregnancy so..yep Nicole is a big time hypocrite.

    3. Nicole tried to be there for Gabi when Gabi got caught lying about paternity. Nicole didn't judge her because she did the same thing and admitted it. In contrast, Sami was in Gabi's face yelling at her for lying about paternity. One is being a hypocrite, one isn't. Sami didn't calm down and admit her mistakes until she talked to Will. She still hasn't acknowledged to Gabi that she did the same thing Gabi did several times. Sami's still being judgmental towards Gabi.

      Nicole has done awful things. She did go around town and apologize. You forgot that part. That's why she got forgiven by everyone.

    4. I agree with the first commentor: Nicole playing Mary Magdalene is so pot calling the kettle black where it concerns the character, Kristen...It is a Huge stretch for the writers to redeem the character in this way...Hell, she kidnapped a baby and lied so many times about every aspect of her life that this character is so flawed and in no way, shape or form should be the new moral compass in the whole Brady-Kristen saga. Frankly, the character, Brady has finally grown a pair and the writers should go with that; it is much more attractive to see him stand up for himself rather than pander to Nicole who dumped him so many times I can't keep track. So message to writers: send Nicole to Tibet and have her convert to Buddhism. We here love Kristen and Brady together!

    5. I don't think Nicole is playing Mary at all. She thinks her friend is being used, and he is losing his whole family because of Kristen. She thinks she's doing the right thing. Breaking up Bristen doesn't benefit Nicole at all.

      I don't think Brady has "grown a pair" either. He's being manipulated by Kristen. She successfully broke up his family, so how did he "grow a pair"? He told Nicole to butt out, but he said that to everyone. Also he told Kristen to back off on Nicole. He stuck up for Nicole yesterday.

      I like Kristen/Brady. But it is what it is. It's not a romance when Kristen is using him.

    6. First Nicole threwing Sami's keeping a child from Ej when she did the same and worse makes her an hypocrite.
      Secondly you can't seriously compare the Sami/Gaby sitution to Nicole's behaviour towards Gaby. I did not say Sami's attitude was not a bit hypocritical, i just said Nicole is as much an hypocrite as Sami is, difference Sami is called out about it by the soap's other characters and the audience, Nicole not so much..
      Also a little detail makes the difference : Sami was lied by Gabby, Gabby let Sami confort her, cuddle her, preparing her wedding for weeks while lying everyday to her face, by keeping a potential grandchild from Sami, by lying about Sami's son behaviour about the deception..therefore maybe Sami has some good reasons to be mad..Nicole is not involved in this situation, Nicole is not the one being lied and deceived by Gabby, Sami is !

      As for Nicole being in an apology tour being the reason she is forgiven so easily heu..i don't buy it, she is not the first character making apology after being caught in her lies.. difference other characters even after making apology are not so easily forgiven..example..Marlena just never forgave Kristen, even when there was no proof Kristen was not sincere in her apology..Ej apologyzed more than once after being caught..but was almost never forgiven by the good people of Salem.. Chad was more harshly treated by people whereas he just said the freaking truth because he is a 'Dimera' (by the way Nicole for a long time had no problem being a Dimera, she even did gloat about it and did everything to keep this name whereas she was divorced from Ej and nobody gave her a hard time for it..)

    7. When did Nicole get on Sami about keeping a baby from EJ recently? And recently Sami was all for Nicole keeping her baby from EJ, just a few months ago. So Sami this past Fall was ok with Nicole keeping a baby from EJ, but she got mad at Gabi for keeping a baby away from Will who wasn't interested in being a father.

      I totally understand why Sami's mad at Gabi for lying for months. Gabi never asked Sami to be so involved in the wedding, Sami forced herself into that situation. Sami specifically yelled at Gabi about lying about the paternity.

      Nicole just got called out yesterday by Kristen. Chloe called her out last week. Nicole gets called out all the time. The difference between Nicole and Sami is that Nicole admits to her mistakes, Sami admits to hers occasionally.

      The difference between Nicole and Kristen's apology tours was that Nicole was sincere, and Kristen was lying through her teeth. There were plenty of signs that Kristen wasn't sincere. She let Marlena know she wasn't sincere eventually. Only John and Brady bought her sincerity.

      DiMeras are never forgiven. The Bradys/Hortons always are. The difference between the two is that the DiMeras don't act "holier than thou" like the Brady/Hortons. Thus that makes the Brady/Hortons hypocrites! lol

      I don't care enough about Chad to care if people forgive him or not. It's not that he told the truth, it's where he did it.

    8. I have to agree that portraying Nicole as a Paradigm of Virtue is really awfully bizarre and just wrong!!!
      Why the writers are going that way is weird and cringe worthy.

      The character has more than a checkered past and just for the record she was never Brady's friend; she kept him on string and dumped him for whomever she perceived as better and more attractive and more jetset. Come on!!! What friend, especially a guy, would behave like Nicole's ultimate patsy? Too, just to be accurate, Nicole has always interjected herself into all of Brady's intimate relationships...

      The writers would be very stupid not to realize that there is real chemistry between Brady and Kristen and that the audience loves them together...

    9. Who is portraying Nicole as a role model? I don't get it.

      Nicole figures out she loves Eric in two weeks. She's not going to interlope with Brady/Kristen. BTW, Chloe doesn't like Bristen, so is she a hypocrite too? Or is it just Nicole?

  3. Nicole got on Sami about keeping a baby from Ej just in September, maybe more recently after that but i don't watch all Nicole's scenes (not worth it imo), Nicole uses more than once her so 'awful' past and pain of miscarriage when someone tried to call her out about her actions (which is not often since almost nobody calls her out about her schemes), she used this 'woe is me' card just recently with the Jennifer framing debacle.
    Also Nicole admits to her mistakes as much often as Sami, certainly not more often. And most of the time it is in order to get some sympathy from someone. Sami is called out about her mistakes almost ALL the freaking time, it is an hobby for Will and Lucas.

    Gabby did not have to accept Sami's help if she did not want her to be involved in her wedding, she has a mouth she can use it, she did not seem guilty about it either. Sami yelled at her about being lied above all, just rewatch the scenes then she yelled about the paternity issue, Sami never did something to Gaby..if she yelled at somebody she had hurt before and lied to i could follow your logic but here it was not the case, all Sami did was supporting and praising Gabby, even defending her relationship with Nick. Will was and is above all torned about being a father, after all he was the one suggesting raising the child together to Gabby and he was the one who was not to keen on an abortion his pov in this situation is not as much simplistic as 'he wasn't interested at being a father'. Moreover Gabby and Nick were the one presurring him for months about staying quiet and not being involved as a father, no the other way around.

    Marlena at the beginning had no proof what's so ever that Kristen was insincere still she was adamant she will never forgive her.

    The Brady/Horton are always forgiven and the Dimeras never : that i agree with you but people like Nicole are always forgiven too whereas the same Nicole sided with the Dimeras more than once..remember when she played the Dimera duty wife, she had no problem with Brady beating up, playing 'mommy' to Sami's children, covering Philip attempted murder, Stephanie's kidnapping, Abe mayoral campaign crashing ect..but for some reason she is forgiven, the Dimera are not.

    Chloe called her out ? did last two seconds and Chloe was the one make me laugh really.

    I care enough about Chad (actually i care more about him than the way Chad was very forgiving of Nicole who tried to keep him from his child and went as far as seducing him in order to cry 'rape' and like that he would have no right to claim his rights as a father..yep it was back in the day in 2009, i remember writers don't and luckily for Nicole Chad doesn't either it seems..) to watch what he did : and what he did was just telling the truth, he was not the one lying. No matter if it was the right place or not..hello so Carrie was wrong to reveal Sami's lies at her and Austin's wedding back in the day ? Right, since it was not the right place to do it ? And after all the schemes Gabby did against him and literally got away with it maybe he had some little reason to get some little payback..and still it was light compare to what she did to him and Melanie..Let's hope her involvement in Melanie's kidnapping will be revealed one day, fair is fair.

    Chloe can dislike Kristen but she is not the one who dare calling Kristen out for her past bad deeds whereas she did the same type of she is not an hypocrite, on the other hand Nicole is..big time !

  4. Ok I get it. You like Kristen, Bristen, Sami, and Chad. You hate Nicole. Lovely.

    Gabi does have a mouth, and she can use it. So could have Will. He didn't even open his mouth to stop the abortion. Will also wasn't interested in being a father to not lose Sonny. We can see he was tortured about it, but he didn't articulate it to anyone.

    Maybe if you watched Nicole's scenes you would have heard the stuff Chloe said to Nicole. They both hit each other with their pasts.

    Chad forgot all about Grace years ago.

    Carrie and Austin loved each other. She was trying to stop the Saustin wedding. She just found out that Austin wasn't the father. Chad knew for awhile that Gabi was lying about the paternity. He could have said something before, but he didn't. And he knew that Nick and Gabi actually did want to get married. Unlike Sami and Nicole, Gabi told Will immediately that she was pregnant. Nick knew he wasn't the father, and Gabi didn't deny it. He chose to marry her anyway. Will chose to let Nick and Gabi raise his kid. Sami and Nicole both denied EJ the right to know his kids. Sami didn't even fess up while she knew Grace was dying. EJ had to see his daughter in the morgue. Yet he still loves her. lol And she still loves him after the rape and Rafe2 rape. Soaps are funny that way.

    I'm not pro-Gabi. I wanted her gone a long time ago.

    Kristen and Nicole got into a fight. They both threw the past in each other's faces. It was a draw. When Nicole was involved with Brady, at least she loved him, unlike Kristen who set out to betray him from the beginning.

    1. And ok i get it. You love Nicole no matter what and even if she is as hypocritical as others and still get a pass for almost everything. Lovely.

      Nicole did some dirty things to Chloe, ah she just sexed up the guy Chloe considered the 'love of her life' (Dr Daniel), Chloe never did anything to Nicole, on the contrary she always supported her no matter what.

      Will who doesn't speak doesn't change what Gabby and Nick did.
      Sami did not prepare Will's wedding, it was Gabby who used Sami not Will, he wanted nothing to do with this wedding. Will did articulate his torned feelings when he tried to stop the abortion (and yes he spoke, rewatch the scenes), when he did question the plan of lying this pregnancy to Nick and Gabby, when he did suggest to raise the child with Gabby at the beginning.

      'Chad forgot all about Grace years ago' doesn't mean viewers did, like viewers did not forget what Sami did decades ago and still people threw it to her now.

      Carrie did reveal the Sami's deception at Saustin wedding for Austin to know, dump Sami and come back to her but also in order to show to everybody Sami's true colors as a while the situations between Gabby's wedding and Sami's wedding back in the day are quite different there are some similar motivations from Carrie and Chad : they both wanted to show to everybody what a liar was the deceptive person and get some revenge. Still Sami was majorly humiliated and rejected (i don't say she did not see coming), Gabby just had her wedding postponed..let's hope Gabby get her real commeupance with the Mel kidnapping revelation, i will watch for that.

      Ej and Nicole did worse to each others than Ej and Sami did to each others, still Ej instead of really getting revenge just send some nice christmas message to Nicole from Sydney (by the way 'mommy Nicole' really writers ? eyeroll) totally out of character from Ej but still it sadly happpened. And yet for thank you Nicole schemed in order to ruin New Years night for Ej and pathetically forced her on him and pushed the guy who kept twice a child from Ej to make a move on the woman Ej is in love with..lovely, indeed.

      Nicole loved Brady so much that she used him, tried to drug him, lied to him time and time again, dumped him again and again, sided with the family who was his enemy, framed his girdfriend, tried to disfigure another love of him ect..
      Kristen already shows some feeling for Brady and although she plot she still has not too much damage to him unlike Nicole did more than once.

    2. I never once excused anything Nicole did. Your hatred for Nicole obviously is affecting your eyesight.

      If you don't like what I write here, you are more than welcome to leave. Reading my blog or anyone else's blog is your choice.

      Sami basically forced Will to be in Gabi's wedding. Will also told Sami he felt like the abortion was Gabi's choice. And that he had no right to tell her what to do with her body.

      Chloe also had Philip and Brady as the "love of her life." Please. It's a soap. Brothers and sisters swap spouses all the time. Swapping between friends isn't unusual either.

      Was Carrie supposed to wait until after the ceremony? Give me a break. Chad had plenty of time to tell before the ceremony. He didn't plan on ruining Gabi's wedding. The hypocrisy of the vows bothered him so much that he spoke up. Chad has said several times that it wasn't a plan.

      I honestly don't care enough about Gabi and her comeuppance.

      Sami shooting Ej is worse than anything Nicole did to EJ period. EJ raping Sami then having her sleep with an imposter is worse than anything EJ did to Nicole.

      Nicole is just so mean mean mean for kissing her ex on NYE which she did as a favor to Safe. It only delayed Ejami for a couple of weeks, big deal. It wasn't a crime, it wasn't immoral, it was no big deal.

      Nicole made huge mistakes while with Brady, but I never doubted she loved him. The point is, he forgave her, they are friends. BTW, Brady is no angel either. He's a druggie. He stole his uncle's girlfriend, his grandfather's wife. He also kept the secret that Nicole miscarried from EJ. He fought with Marlena to the point that Roman thought he was a physical threat to Marlena, and Roman shot him. Brady, Chloe, Eric, etc chose to forgive Nicole, that is their choice. I had nothing to do with it. Just like others forgive Sami, EJ, Kate, etc for the stuff they did.

      The entire town is full of hypocrites. Nicole to me is on the lower end of the scale because she doesn't act like the moral police like the others. Nicole's working at a church, sincerely is trying to change. She thinks busting up Bristen is for his own good. Kristen is totally faking being reformed. She's there to mess with John and Marlena. She admitted it to J&M, but not to Brady because she knows that Brady is so dumb he won't believe his own family. So Nicole is the bad guy for trying to break up Bristen. Huh?

      According to spoilers, Kristen is planning on dumping Brady on their wedding day. Sounds like true love to me!

    3. In my case i never once excused anything ALL the characters on this soap did. Your love for Nicole obviously is affecting your eyesight.

      So if i disagree with you and just engage you in a discussion where your your arguments are not always valid, i am not welcomed here, is that right ?

      Yes Will did respect Gabby's decisions but he also did express his torned, conflicted feelings on the situation which made Will pov layered and complex imo.

      So now Carrie had a plan ? And why Chad should have waited until after the ceremony, the wedding was the perfect place for everybody to know that Gabby is a liar. Chad and Carrie having the same type of motivation stay valid.

      I want to watch Gabby's comeuppance, let's hope writers don't disappoint but with them you never know.

      Concerning what Ej and Sami did to each others being worse than what Ej and Nicole did to each others i respectfully and totally disagree with you.
      Ej was quite abusive and controlling with Nicole during their first marriage while Nicole was a pathetic doormat. He threatened to kill her numerous times, choke her, is responsible of her mother's death. Nicole wanted to smother him with a pillow at the hospital only to be interrupted..She tortured him when he had an attack from his head shooting and there are lot's of other situations like that. Writers and some viewers wanting to refer to what Ej and Sami did to each others and glass over what Ej and Nicole did to each others will not change what happened on-screen.

      What Nicole did at NYE was immoral, she did a favor to Rafe, Sami never asked her to ruin her date with Ej. Moreover what she did was forcing herself on Ej, it was playing for laughs for some but could be interpreted in a total different way..If Ej knew her scheme, could be a big deal, you don't know.

      Brady is a screwed-up but i don't see how it had anything to do with Nicole (aside maybe some of her deceptions lead him to drink He has always been a fervent enabler and defender of Nicole, can't say the same for her.
      Nicole was the one pursuing Brady, he never 'stole' Nicole to anyone. And i never said you had something to do with everybody giving a pass to Nicole. Come on, lol, i just constate it.
      Kate is forgiven quite easily, still anybody make excuses for her, most of the time people tolerate her. Ej, give me a break, almost anybody forgive him except maybe Sami and Nicole (when it please them otherwise..)

      The entire town is full of hypocrites like it is the case on every daytime soapsbut Nicole is certainly as much one as any others and people always manage to excuse her (Brady being the most obvious).
      Brady is a grown-up, if he is deceived by Kristen he will deal with it HIMSELF, he doesn't need Nicole's help who is really the last one who should make judgements. Brady's family is also silly to tell him how to live his life. If he makes mistakes, it is his problem, it will not be the first time.
      Kristen already shows some genuine conflicted feelings towards Brady while still plotting, time will tell how this story evolves...

      I like your blog Carrie, i just express what i think about these fictional characters, their soap actions and motivations. I disagree with you on some points and i calmly explain it to you by posts.
      If you don't accept debate, argumentations and people who share another opinion than yours then that's a shame but not a big deal. It is just a soap opera on tv. lol.

    4. You did not post a single "calm" comment here. You insulted me the very first comment. And you just bashed me again. All because you can't handle the fact I like Nicole. A lot of people like Nicole. If you can't handle people liking Nicole, then don't go online.

      Yes you do excuse how Ejami treat other. And no you still can't convince me that rape and attempted murder is not as bad as emotional and physical abuse. I've been over Ejole for awhile. EJ treats Nicole like crap, I don't want her back with him. But Ejami had a far more dysfunctional relationship than Ejole. Sami shot him in the head while he was passed out, then had sex with Rafe! How sick is that?

      Like I said before, Will was tortured as far as the audience could see, but Gabi had no clue he was against the abortion because he never said a word to her. I've had a woman ask me what she should do with a potential unwanted pregnancy, I told her I was against abortion. The potential baby was no relative of mine. But I spoke up unlike Will who kept his mouth shut about his own child. Will is easily manipulated and he let Gabi run all over him. Like I said several times, we saw him tortured about it, but he didn't express it to her. My friend was not pregnant btw. She was being a drama queen because she didn't use birth control the night before. She already had a kid at 16 and should have known better.

      I never said Carrie had a plan! Go reread. Carrie just found out minutes before that Austin wasn't the father. That was one of my favorite episodes of Days ever. I know what happened. Maybe you should learn to read, and not "interpret" what I said. I am very blunt and literal. Carrie had no plan. Chad had no plan. Carrie had no chance to stop the wedding before the wedding day. Chad had plenty of time to tell the truth before the wedding. Chad chose to keep the info to himself then blurted it out. I'm pointing out that your argument that Chad and Carrie's situations are similar is not true.

      Days never disappoints with comeuppances. That's why Nicole always gets hers during November sweeps!

      Brady excusing Kristen for almost killing his stepmother is worse than any excuse he makes for Nicole. It's a soap, if everyone butted out of everyone's business, the show would be dull. If everyone butted out of Brady's business, then John, Marlena, Eric, Sami, Victor, Hope, and Nicole would all be written OUT OF CHARACTER. But that is what you want. You want Bristen to have a relationship with no conflicts and no one butting in, which never happens in soaps. That's basically supercouple death when no other characters interfere in a relationship. Do you want Kristen serving tea to all the good people of Salem? What makes Bristen interesting is the conflict it causes.

      We know how Bristen is going to end. Kristen is going to fall for Brady. Brady will find out he was set up, and he is going to dump her ass. They might reunite, they might not.

      BTW dear, why don't you post using your name? Why are you still anonymous? If you believe in your opinions so much why stay anonymous? No, you have not been in calm at all. You have been rude and condescending towards me all because you are mad that Nicole is involved in the Bristen storyline. I'm not the writer of the show, I didn't write this stuff but you chose to come here and attack me because I like Nicole and think that Nicole being involved in this storyline makes it more interesting. From what I read online, my opinion is the majority opinion. People are loving Nicole being involved. Are you arguing with all those people too?

  5. Ok ok i see you are pretty passionate about this 'Nicole dool character topic'..

    First i stay anonymous because i don't bother creating an acoount, that is all, if i had time and above all bother about it, i would make it. lol.

    I don't have much time answer now..but i am curious..when did i insult you in my first post ? By writing about being frustrated about some biased review ? If so, the word 'insult' is a bit much..if not inaccurate ? Come on.

    What i see is that you pretty heavily interpret what i could think since you seem to know that i am 'not be able to handle people liking the Nicole's character'..It will stay only your interpretation.
    I could also return to you the favor by telling you that if you can't handle people having different opinions than yours then don't open a blog when people can post.
    I was pretty calm, you chose to see otherwise, that's all. And being only a discussion by online posts i don't see how you 'KNOW' what i really feel, again interpretation..

    I did not make excuses for Ejami. Not once. Ej and Nicole's relationship is much more dysfunctional than Ej and Sami's. Period. Nicole is the one always coming back when she knows Ej only uses her, Nicole is the one who keep coming back when she knows she is a second choice. Ej while being awful to Sami at times also did lot's of things for her like saving her life several times..for Nicole not so much but still she comes back even when she is not wanted..pathetic. And yes what Sami did to Ej the shooting and having sex with Rafe after that was sick but what Nicole did to Ej too. What happened between Ej and Nicole was so much more than emotional and physical abuse : he tried to kill her ! She was even in a coma when he ordered Anna to stop her from leaving with Sydney at Cleveland and kidnapped the child at her turn.


  6. If Gabby was smart or maybe less self-absorbed she maybe would have seen that Will was conflicted since the beginning, before she entered for the procedure he did question her choice of abortion then respected her decision..and actually he did express his concern to her and she responded by telling him they already made a choice, it was after the abortion story. Gaby and Nick made pressure on him, big time, Will was weak but also wanted to be nice and respectful to Gaby as well as did not want to threaten his relationship with Sonny, like i said it was not so simplistic as he doesn't want this child.
    I had a friend who had an abortion, never i told her what to do, i did not judge, i was just here for her and spoke to her about other options and the other people concerned and to consider their pov (like the baby's father) but at the end of the day i told her she was the one to make the decision, no matter what i will be here for her.

    When i asked you if Carrie had a plan it was to show that Carrie made the revelation the same way Chad did, neither had a plan but both wanted to reveal to everyone that Sami and Gabby were liars. I never said it was the same background, i said Carrie and Chad has some similar motivations, i said 'SOME' means it all their motivations were not the same, some others were.

    Brady making excuses for Nicole while she kidnapped his kind of sister (technically she is not really his half-sister lol)'s child, let the same sister mourned a child for peanuts, tried once again to keep the same sister's children from her and putting herself as some substitute mother (puke), framed his girlfriend in order for the girlfriend to rot in jail is not so much better than what Kristen did to Brady's step-mother and father..yet nobody has a problem with it.

    I never said i did not want drama and conflict for Brady and Kristen, it is soap rules number 1 i agree. Without drama, why bother ? Totally agree but Bristen has already conflict with John, Marlena, Kristen plotting behind his back, Brady's siblings, grandpa ect.. Nicole is not the first needed in this story and above all the very the last who should go at Kristen, throwing Kristen's past in her face..Like Kristen said she has nothing else to do so she butt in Brady's business. Father Matt already told her to get a life. Nicole should mind her own business and built her forbidden romance with Eric and keep warm and busy her good friend Rafe.

    As for me being rude and wow wow, it is pretty hard accusations, maybe it came to you like that but it was not my intention. Just a soap, girl.

    I don't care about what people online think of Nicole, i care about what i think..and by the way i was not the only one since someone else respond on this same board (yep i was not the only 'anonymous' in this discussion and agree with me.

    i don't seem to be able to write on your blog anymore..oh well..

  7. oups finally my post had been posted, it was because it was too long so i did post in two times..well it shows i am really not internet savvy, the major reason why i don't get an account with my name, it is so much simple to post with the option anonymous, i admit it is quite lazy but not big deal.