Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Days January 28th spoilers

TV Source Magazine has the week of January 28th Days of our Lives spoilers, good news for Ejami fans.


  1. Sami has always been her worst enemy, and she wonders why her son does not want to step up and be a man about a baby he made. I hope the writers let him do the right thing. Nick, is a NightMare.I would not want someone who feels the way he does about Will and his life choice, to be the father of any ones child. Put him back in jail now!!!!

    1. Nick is needed, he makes a great grey maybe even dark character. The actor is great and the fact he is an Horton and not a Dimera (so tiring and predictable) makes for good storytelling and interesting, layered conflict. I hope he stays for a while although i am sure BB will leave at a point to try to make it once again at prime time, movies (he still making movies at the same time he is on Days)

  2. Finally ! I say again : FINALLY.
    But this time Sami has to chose Ej for Ej not because she is mad at so 'awesome' Rafe otherwise it will not be worthy and this soap will once again screw this pairing over like they did constantly for years..yep i don't trust them.