Friday, December 27, 2013

#Days Spoiler Pics for Dec 30th

Days of our Lives spoiler pics for the week of December 30th can be found here.

#Days Promo for Dec 30th

Days of our Lives promo for the week of December 30th features Ejami.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

#Days Spoilers for Jan 6th

Days of our Lives from the National Enquirer via Rogue Ejami:

National Enquirer
* EJ fears that he may have made a huge and terrible mistake
* Hope delivers some live-changing news to Brady
* Nicole conducts an extremely emotional interview with Eric
* Abigail makes a terribly difficult confession to Jennifer
* A paranoid JJ is deathly afraid that he's about to be caught with drugs

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Diva's 159th #Days Blogtalkradio Show Archive Ready!

The Diva of Days of our Lives 159th Blogtalkradio show is ready for playback/download.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

#Days Spoiler Pics for Dec 23rd

Days of our Lives spoiler pics for the week of December 23rd can be found here.


Ratings for the week of December 9th can be found at Soap Opera Network.

Diva's 159th #Days Blogtalkradio Show!

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for their 159th Days Blogtalkradio Show on Saturday, at 10 pm est.  Topics this week include:  Sonny finds out about Nick's murder, Nicole pretends to date Daniel to help Eric, and Jennifer agrees to date Liam.  This is a live, call in show.  Call in to talk to us at 914.338.1239.  Or you can join our friends in the chat room on the show page.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

"The Bay" Chapter 11 Part 4

On this episode of "The Bay" a lot of people get busted!  Days of our Lives actors Matthew Ashford and Mary Beth Evans star.

Thursday's "Cousin Sami" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Sami fights with Ciara, Sonny keeps the girls' secret for a little longer, EJ tries to bluff Gabi and Sonny, Will is totally clueless, and Daniel is jealous of Jenn's date.  You should follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

Sami asks Sonny not to tell Justin anything. Sami tries to take the phone from him. Liam asks Jenn if she changed her mind on dinner.

Daniel overhears Jenn and Liam discuss dinner. JJ tells Theresa that he has blackmail on her. Hope takes Ciara and Theo to the club.

Ciara shows Theo that she's wearing Sami's earring. EJ and Will show up with the baby. Will asks, "what is going on here?"

Sonny tells Justin he'll meet him in 30 min. Sami calls EJ "a boy scout" for helping Will carry his packages.

Will still thinks they are talking about his surprise party. He's giving serious competition to Brady and Eric for "dumbass of the year."

Hope sees Justin. Hope says she was on the phone with Bo. Dan asks who Jenn is dating. Anne eavesdrops. Jenn is not amused by Dan.

Theresa tells JJ that her evidence is better than his. Sonny leaves. Kami leaves. EJ stays. He wants to talk to Gabi.

EJ wants Gabi to tell him what is going on.

JJ tells Theresa that she is evil. Abe introduces Daniel to Liam. Liam wants to do lunch with Dan. Abe praises Liam to Dan.

Daniel is not interested in hearing nice things about Liam. Hope tells Justin that Bo won't be home for Christmas.

Kate spots Sonny. Gabi tells EJ that Sonny found out about Will's surprise party. EJ bluffs that Sami told him the truth.

Kami stops Sonny from going into the Pub. Sonny says the Hortons deserve to know what happened to Nick.

Theresa says she'll take Dan down too because he helped JJ. Justin leaves. Sami bashes Sonny for eavesdropping in a closet.

Kate tries to get Sonny to wait to talk until after Christmas. EJ tells Gabi that Kami will walk all over her.

Jenn tells Abe that she's going out with Liam. Theresa eavesdrops. Anne grabs Tre. Tre leaves to twist the knife into Jen Jen.

Gabi tells EJ the story about Nick setting up the modeling job. Gabi says she thinks that Kami is trying to run her life.

EJ is not buying Gabi's story. Sonny asks Kami if they are just buying time. Sami tells Kate that Ciara has her earring.

Justin asks Sonny if he's ready to talk.

Theresa gives Jenn her new id badge. Dan tells JJ that Jenn is going out on a date. Sami finds Hope and Ciara at the Club.

Sami offers to watch Ciara while Hope takes Theo home.

Sami tells Ciara they need to spend more time together. Ciara says it's because Sami doesn't invite her over or come by her house. lol

Sami mistakes Ciara's horse drawing as Justin Bieber.

Justin asks if anyone is in danger. Sonny says no one is in danger. Sonny says he'll keep it to himself. Kate was watching Sonny.

Sonny confirms that he didn't tell Justin. Sami talks about her missing earring. Ciara denies seeing it while grabbing her backpack.

Theresa asks Jenn about dating Liam. Theresa tells her there was nothing between her and Daniel. Jenn's fuming.

JJ says he's clear now. He leaves Dan's. Gabi gives Will a hug saying she couldn't stand it if she lost Wilson/Ari now.

Sami wants to look in Ciara's backpack. "It's not nice to hold out on Cousin Sami." Hope breaks up their fight over the backpack.

EJ tells Sonny that he knows, and he learned it from Gabi. How many times is EJ going to play that card?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday's "International Man of Mystery" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, JJ records Theresa confessing to buying G, Jenn agrees to a date with Liam, Sonny confronts Kami and Gabi, and Justin advises Sonny.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby needs to tell Jenn something about JJ. Maggie comes to Theresa with the AA meeting people with her. EJ and Kate at the Pub.

Kate tells EJ that Kristen torpedoed Countess W. Will tells Sami that Sonny heard Kami and Gabi. Gabi says to Sonny that he knows.

Sami is not happy that Sonny was live texting while eavesdropping on the ladies. EJ denies that Countess W is in trouble.

Theresa meets her sponsor. Abby tells Jenn that she saw JJ with Rory and Bev, and that they are JJ's only friends.

Jenn tells Abby that Brady told her that JJ was hanging out at the drug dealing area of the park. JJ comes home.

Sami asks how long Sonny was in the closet. Will wants Sami and Allie to go see Santa. Sami runs out of there.

Kate receives a text. She leaves. JJ defends himself to Jenn and Abby. Jenn leaves to go to work.

Abby asks JJ if there's something he's hiding from her. Theresa says she has work. Maggie isn't buying it.

Sonny tells Justin he needs some legal advice. Kami and Gabi meet. Sami tells them Sonny eavesdropped on them.

Gabi predicts that Sonny will talk to Justin. Sami says they will stop Sonny.

Adrienne goes to Jenn's office to set her up with pharm rep Liam Frazier. He's hot. Jenn approves.

JJ needs to meet with Rory. Theresa's AA meeting ends. Maggie tells her that they need to get a few things straight.

Sonny asks if it is illegal to not report a crime that they overheard. Justin wants to know what he heard. Kami and Gabi see them.

Justin asks if Will is in trouble. The ladies want to borrow Sonny to discuss the surprise party. Justin leaves.

Sonny does not seem willing to keep their secret. Kate tells him that he's not in any danger from them. lolololololol

Will goes shopping with Ari and sees EJ. Will asks why EJ is talking to Sami's assistant. Maggie tells Theresa to have a female sponsor.

Maggie leaves. Theresa wants some weed. JJ asks for pot from Rory. Rory calls JJ "an international man of mystery."

Adrienne stops Abby from interrupting Liam and Jenn. Theresa starts typing about her overdose. JJ is at her door.

Sonny and the ladies go back to his place. Kate asks Sonny if he was taking notes. lol Sonny challenges them to call the cops.

Will tells EJ that Sami was looking for Kate. Jenn gets asked out on a date. She agrees. Liam has no idea what he's getting himself into.

Abby tells Adrienne that she has learned not to trust men. Good for her.

Theresa tells JJ that wine doesn't count in AA. Theresa is not impressed with the small stash JJ gives her.

Gabi tells Sonny that Nick was going to rape her. Kate tells Sonny about the public Nabi fight. Sonny says Nick didn't deserve to die.

Sonny tells them that he doesn't keep secrets from Will. They tell him that Ari could lose 3 family members.

Maggie tries to tell Jenn she's not ready to date. Funny since I remember Maggie pushing Dannifer together right after Jack's funeral.

JJ is recording Theresa saying she got the G that night.

JJ tells Theresa that he has dirt on her, and the blackmail is over.

Will asks EJ if shouting at staff is fun. "Mmm-hmm," says EJ.

#Days Spoilers for Dec 30th

National Enquirer Days of our Lives spoilers from Rogue Ejami:

National Enquirer
* EJ gives Sami a strict ultimatum about their future together
* JJ concocts a scheme to foil Jennifer's upcoming date with Liam
*Nicole and Eric are severely shocked by Daniel's wild accusation against Brady
* Will runs into someone unexpected at the river.
* Eric struggles with his feelings for Nicole.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday's "I'm No Angel" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Sami thinks EJ is mad that he's not getting any, EJ discusses Jack and angels with Abby, Allie keeps Ciara's secret for ten minutes about Sami's earring, Gabi figures out that Sonny knows the truth, Rafe spends time with Ciara, and Nicole, Eric, and Daniel deal with Nicole's lie about Dichole reuniting.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Nicole tells Eric that she's moved on with Daniel. You know he's dumb enough to believe it.

Sonny leaves a voice mail for Will. Hope asks Sonny if there's something wrong. Ciara shows Allie the earring.

Sami asks Harold to be on the look out for her earring. She sees Will's text. EJ wants to talk to Samantha.

EJ wants to talk to Sami about her neglecting work. Abby brings over cookies to Will. Gabi hallucinates Nick again.

Sami denies missing work. Did Sami just call herself a "workaholic"? lmfao

Sami thinks EJ is more upset about not getting laid. He's trying to kiss her.

Ciara tells Allie that she only has one earring because it is special, one of a kind like her.

Gabi drops flowers on the floor. Rafe wheels himself in. Gabi mistook the new PT as Nick.

Eric is obviously pissed with Dan. Dan has to leave before Eric could tell him why. Eric asks Nic when Dichole reunited.

Eric says he's worried about Nicole. Sami says EJ is not welcome in her bed. EJ reminds her that it is his bed she's sleeping in.

Ari is not fond of Cousin Abby. It's funny how the writers don't remember Abby and Nick used to be close when he first moved to town.

Rafe tells Gabi that Nick won't b back. Hope talks about Ciara pushing back her bed time. Sonny and Hope talk about Bo.

Sami sneaks up on Sonny and scares the bat crap out of him.

Will tells Abby that he doesn't talk to Nick. Hope tells Sami that Ciara threw a fit a the ice rink. Sami wants to talk to Sonny.

Nicole tells Eric that Dickhole decided to not tell anyone that they are reunited. Nicole says she's not attracted to Eric anymore.

Nicole says Eric did her a favor by being a jerk. "You're welcome" says Eric.

Daniel asks to be alone with Eric. You know what that means. Eric's going to get his "lymph nodes" felt up.

EJ talks to Abby, she's practically swooning.

Sonny gets away from Sami as soon as he can. Sami notices that something's wrong with him. Hope and Ciara leave.

Sami takes Allie to see Ari.

Dan doesn't make Eric disrobe. Whatever.

Eric asks about Dickhole to Daniel

Nicole bursts in again when Dan tries to explain the situation with Nicole. Dan gets Nicole out of Eric's room.

Dan asks Nicole what is going on. EJAbby discuss Raphael's angels. EJ says Abby did the research because of Jack.

Hope and Ciara join Rafe and Gabi. Hope gives him some police work to do. Gabi hugs Ciara and leaves. Poor Ciara is being ignored.

Rafe asks Ciara if she's ok. Sami and Allie show up at Will's. Sami asks Will if he saw her earring. Allie says Ciara has the earring.

Gabi asks Sonny if he's ok.

Abby wants to know why Jack gave her the angel. EJ tells Abby about how a child makes a man a better person.

Nicole fesses up to Dan that she wants Eric to think they are a couple. Dan is not interested. She tells him that she told Eric already.

Nicole tries to stop Dan from telling Eric. He warns her that her lies blow up in her face, "another disaster waiting to happen."

Nicole reminds Dan that he lied about Theresa. Eric is asleep before Dan can tell him the truth. EJ tells Abby that "I'm no angel."

Rafe offers to teach Ciara how to skate when he can. She thinks that's awesome. Sami thanks Allie for telling her Ciara has her earring.

Will tells Sami that he knows about his surprise party. Gabi asks what she did now that Sonny wants to get away from her.

EJ tells Abby that Jack would be proud of her. Abby thanks him. EJ leaves. Abby looks at her book again.

Rafe has Ciara practicing skating poses. Hope thanks him for spending time with Ciara. Will tells Sami he doesn't want a surprise party.

Will tells Sami that Sonny was in the closet when she was talking to Gabi and Kate. Gabi tells Sonny that he knows about Nick.