Saturday, October 27, 2012


The ratings are up for Days of our Lives, but the show still lingers in the basement.  You can read all the info here.


  1. Two things are occurring here: (a) the new writing team is in the process of building momentum just as the new General Hospital writers had to do at GH. The Days' new storylines are finally beginning to move in the right direction just this week, with Kristen DiMera finally taking charge!

    (b) The significant drop in Today Show ratings is having reveberating effect on the entire NBC daypart. Today anchors NBC's daytime and because of Mr. Lauers' deplorable behavior in causing Ann Curry to be publically flogged and then unceremoniously shown the door, loyal NBC daytime viewers have defected for ABC and have done so in droves.

    What I see happening at Today is this: barring a Today Show resurgence, Mr. Lauer and Ms. Guthrie will be replaced. I predict a brand new Today Show team will be in place sooner rather than later because NBC brass realize that its daytime line-up's success is dependent to an extent on the Today Show's success.

    1. I doubt they will fire Lauer, he is the star of NBC daytime for decades now..i seriously don't believe they will ditch him even if they have bad ratings..just see: NBC has bad ratings on Prime time for a long time now (long gone are Friends and Seinfeld..) and they don't change their shows so..