Saturday, October 6, 2012


Days of our Lives gains in viewers but remains in last place.  You can read all the details at SON.


  1. It's bewildering as to why NBC and the powers that be at Days persist in trying to make Galen Gerring's Rafe happen. It's not Mr. Gerring's fault; he seems like a decent actor but the character, Rafe is drawn in such a boring, one dimensional way, what is an actor to do with such a wimp of guy? I just don't think that the Rafe character works as a goody two shoes and the character should be re-drawn with more facets or scuttled asap. Audiences are clearly tuning him out.

    Secondly, Gabby Hernandez went from kidnapping accomplice to redeemed saint in a nano-second. Hell no, this makes no sense at all. Camilla Banus is very adroit at playing a conniving bad girl; let her be bad. Salem can use another vixen.

    Thirdly, EJ and Sami should be paired off. Wouldn't it be interesting to see how diabolical they could be together? Is it always necessary to have these two be a part of a triangle? Perhaps they could be the first antagonist supercouple instead of a surgary sweet super couple, why not explore a power hungry, passionate, volatile winner takes all romance...

    1. The only time when Gering was ok it was as Fake Rafe, when he played a real dumbass jerk and still this storyline was awful and a nightmare, but him was a little less dull as FakeRafe than as holier than you self-righteous white washed dull Rafe ! This Hernandez family is destroying Days that is all.

      Ej and Sami could be a grey couple who drive stories, if Days finally was clever enough to try smart and character driven storytelling..if only Days had the brains to be relevant..The black and white corny plot driven storytelling is outdated Days, you will not stay on air if you continue that..mark my words..

  2. Galen is not a great actor but I think he is pretty good.Galen needs to be paired off with an actress that he has good chemistry with.He and Ali Sweeney do not work off eachother well as a romantic couple.Galen just seems to be holding back with her he dose not seem into it.Ali always seems to have to lead him through.I hope Galen-Rafe gets a new love interest.Then he will become more interesting to watch.He also needs a background and some substance.A storyline away from EJ and Sami would do him some good.